Mark Stoops (Rental)-Defensive Back Drills Dvd(stoops) $16.99
Features & Benefits Teach the basics to your defensive backs Teach your DBs how to tackle and pursue You can keep your practice fresh by using new football drills Mark Stoops Florida State University, Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs Coach former University of Arizona Defensive Coordinator/Secondary Coach; Former University of Miami Secondary Coach Mark Stoops describes 25 drills that will teach you how to be a good defensive back in any defensive scheme. These drills can be used every day at any level. These drills teach fundamental skills such as keeping your knees bent, flat back, weight over your toes, arm pumping and, most importantly, keeping your eyes on the quarterback. These drills were the backbone of their defense, which has helped keep them in games during one of the longest winning streaks in American history. Stoops also includes individual pursuits of cornerbacks or safeties. These drills teach primary, secondary and backside support for the running game. Correct back-pedaling and sharp breaks are key to creating turnovers and making big defensive plays. Stoops also contains fundamental football tackling drills. These drills teach shoulder tackling and how to avoid yards after contact. This DVD is a great choice for coaches. 30 minutes. 2003.