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Basketball Practice with Mark Gottfried You will go through a quick basketball practice session in the first Disc 1 on the court and in the weight room. This will keep the players in contact and working with a goal in their mind. So, how everything starts? The players will go into the basketball practice shell with game speed shooting, a great shooting routine and this routine will enable the players to utilize their skills and improve their footwork game and form to build a great jump shot. The routine will be full of moves from jab step to one bounce to pump fake to go and rip and go. All these moves will help the players get past their defender and hit the open jumper. In order to improve defensive communication and also the positioning skills the coach Gottfried will make his player go through a half-court 4-on-4 shell drill that fine tunes the Wolfpack defensive principles. To defend ball screens, down screens and how to build a steel wall around the paint the players will be learning all this in the 4-on-4 shell drill. The players will go through the 5-on-0 man offense and with this the players will get an idea of the Gottfried offensive system. The players will go through each and every option possible within their set plays and continuity offense. There is an interesting way with which the players will build their IQ. So, what is that way? Well, the players will go through a 5-on-5 full court drill to increase their IQ and get familiar with defending variety of screening actions and getting to know how and where to look for the open man on offense. The players will also go through the weight room workout and the Assistant Strength Coach Craig Sowers will take that responsibility. This will explain lifts that work the core and that will help develop the upper body strength and get physically strong. This will enable the players to find under the boards for rebounds. The Assistant coach will be making use of numerous dumbbell exercises, bar exercises and also the plates training to make sure are getting into the best shape possible. In-depth knowledge will be passed down to the players with each passing circuit. With each circuit players will know in what areas the lift will work and why they perform the lift. Basketball Practice Coaches Meeting & More There will be a coaching meeting session in which the players will learn how everything will be carried out. From what they want to work to what they want to achieve to what areas they want to cover the coaches will make you understand and analyze each and everything. You will also be learning how to evaluate the practice in the end. The direction of the practice and how the coach wants to reach his goals have been explained in the best way possible by the coach Gottfried. There will be pre-practice individual workout sessions that will include both the post players and the guards. The Wolfpack Coaching staff will be carrying out these responsibilities. This will improve the position skill training with the offensive system of the post and guard players. When it comes to the guard play, the players will get to learn the dynamic shooting routine and it is being performed with the Gun that will fully increase the time of the players and the Gun’s shooting and rebounding capabilities in order to push your players during a workout in the best way possible. Coach Gottfried will be showing how they will implement their press attack that will make the defense pay for pressing them full court. You will also be getting knowledge of the 2-3 zone and its responsibilities and how to implement in basketball practice in a short span of time. Rent this basketball practice template video today.  
Attacking The Zone by Mark Gottfried Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Mark Gottfried is not going to be passive in his fight against zone defenses. His offense aims to attack the heart of the zone. Ball movement, man movement, and penetration are the keys to his offense. The ball is constantly moving from one sideline to another. Gottfried believes his perimeter players should be difficult to defend and must find the gap between two defenders. Guards will drive gaps after a few ball reversals. Post players must be aggressive and work hard to get around the zone. Post players are expected to occupy the defenders at the baseline by flashing, posting up and threatening. Gotfried's zone style allows for attacking from the back from the corner. The Double "O", an alignment consisting of two post-low players and three perimeter players outside, is called the Double "O". The 1-3-1 set is another option, with the high-post player being the "hub of all the wheels". This attack offers corner passes, short corner opportunities, hi/low action and corner passes. Zone defenses can be defeated by set plays. Although the 3-2 zone has a unique look, it can be countered by an offensive overload attack. 52 minutes. 2007.
Basketball Coaches Clinic Mark Gottfried by Mark Gottfried Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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