Luther Riley (Rental)-15 Jab Step Options $15.99
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15 Quick  Hitters From The 1-4 Set by Luther Riley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Luther Riley (Rental)-15 Quick Hitters From The 1-4 Set $15.99
Many factors are responsible for Coach Riley's remarkable success at Provine High. His 1-4 set on the floor creates many scoring opportunities for the offensive side. He now shares his secrets about 15 quick hitters in the 1-4 position. The five players are placed in situations where they have to score, screen and reverse the ball. Riley demonstrates how a 1-4 alignment can be made in many ways. A balanced court and proper spacing allow for action on both sides. Quick hitters use a variety strategies, including ball screen, ball reverse, swing the wings and screen away. He also demonstrates how the backdoor series begins with defensive wing pressure, and uses the defense to create baskets. 56 minutes. 2008.
Multiple Scoring Options For Your Post Players by Luther Riley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Luther Riley (Rental)-Multiple Scoring Options For Your Post Players $15.99
The best way to win games and generate easy baskets is through transition offense. Luther Riley's offense is built on the four-second rule. The ball and post players must move from end to end in order to score quick baskets. A good post footwork can help create post-up situations quickly and give you a great view at the rim. Riley will teach you how to play well in transition and perform individual moves in half-court offense. He shows 1-on-0, 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 drills as well as moves facing the basket and back towards the basket. Riley also teaches the NBA mid-post offensive concept. These techniques have helped the Provine (MS), win four state titles. 89 minutes. 2008.
Offensive Improvement: Dribble Moves by Luther Riley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Luther Riley (Rental)-Offensive Improvement: Dribble Moves $15.99
Dribble Moves for Basketball Coach Luther Riley is an ex college coach and a four-time Mississippi state champion. His programs are established and grown through an emphasis on skill development and ball handling. This DVD offers an inside look into the exact drills that Coach Riley uses to help development some of the most unstoppable scoring skills a player can have. Dribble Moves for Basketball with Chairs The session begins with chair drills. These drills are used to improve scoring opportunities from the perimeter by teaching players proper rip-through and dribble-drive techniques. The DVD also stresses the importance of moves on-the-move. It teaches a variety of killer dribble moves such as the stutter, crossover, behind the back, and change of pace to just name a few. If practiced with enthusiasm, perfecting these drills and moves will add a tremendous amount of skill to your game. The drills used are very flexible as they can be completed individually, as a summer workout routine, or in a small group, for in-season player development. Rent this dribble moves for basketball DVD today.