12 Quick Hitters For The Flex Offense by Leon Rice Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Leon Rice (Rental)-12 Quick Hitters For The Flex Offense $15.99
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All Access: Leon Rice by Leon Rice Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Leon Rice (Rental)-All Access: Leon Rice $39.99
Basketball Practice 1 You will watch how the coach will make you understand several things that will improve your overall game and performance on the court. The coach Rice's team will play full court basketball which will focus on both the transition defense and offense. New full court presses on defense will be introduced which will kick start the practice session. After that the reviewing set plays and ball screen offense will come into play. You will go through drills that will work on breaking full court pressure. You will witness how the Bronco’s full court attack is developed with the help of drills that will emphasize on scoring in advantage situations and breaking full court pressure. Limiting turnovers will be focused in the half-court offense and the ball movement will be emphasized as well with the help of scrimmage drills. When it comes to the defense side, with a series of breakdown drills and controlled scrimmages the hustling back and communicating in transition is being focused on. Basketball Practice 2 There will be a film review in the start of the practice and there will be a man-to-man offense. While being on the court, the player will get into action after the review of man-to-man offensive sets. After that the review session will focus on reviewing the two late-clock, baseline and out of bound plays. Individual work and performance will improved with the help of attacking a switching defense. There will be more 4-round-1 offense 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 through which the whole team will go. A number of competitive drills will be used that will focus on the defensive side of the players. The drills will include 1-on-1 first step defense, classic shell, shell drill with recovery, protect the paint 3-on-3, jump to ball 3-on-3 and also the cut-throat defense. The practice will come to an end with the team shooting drill. Basketball Practice 3 The final practice of the series is all about knowing more about the playbook. The players will go through their sets against a man-to-man defense in a 5 vs. 0 setting and in this way you will get a first hand look at the Coach Rice’s playbook. The Boise State system is full of amazing spacing on the offensive side and will display number of ball screens and dribble hand-offs. Bronco’s early offense will also be reviewed which also includes the drag movement and transition ball screens. There will be a special situation in which the players will go through the an interesting setting. In this setting one group trails by two points with the ball to be inbounded along the sideline. You will be picking up two simple sets that can be run in that scenario. Transition defense and stopping the basketball on the move is a major emphasis in this practice session. ?Boise State uses multiple drills to stress getting back and not allowing easy baskets. ?Finally, you'll see a team video session where the coaching staff points out the good and some areas that need improvement from the previous practice session. Rent this Leon Rice Basketball Practice DVD today.
Drills And Concepts For Zone Offense Attacks by Leon Rice Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Leon Rice (Rental)-Drills And Concepts For Zone Offense Attacks $15.99
Basketball Zone Offense and Zone Concepts Mike Rice made a name for himself when he took Robert Morris University to consecutive NCAA tournaments in the late 2000s. His teams always played aggressive defense and had a knack for taking it to teams that played zone defense against him. In this video, Coach Rice goes on the court to teach his zone offense and teach you how to train players to become more instinctive when attacking zone defenses. Basketball Zone Offense Drills Coach Rice breaks down his zone offense in a series of drills. He uses a mixture of high intensity passing and shooting drills to show how players can become more instinctive. The drills help players react when facing zone defenses and also make them more complete players against any type of defense. Zone Offense In this segment of the presentation, Coach Rice first goes through his philosophy of zone offense. He stresses patience, discipline, and good shot selection as core ideas to his philosophy. He then walks through nine different zone attacks. Rice uses both specific sets as well as continuity action to break down opposing defenses. Both attacks produce various options to score and force defenses to react. The different sets include three –point options as well as one that will take apart a box-and-one defense. With the number of sets and continuity action Rose uses, he can help make any offensive attack significantly better. Coach Rice concludes the presentation by offering up four inbounds plays. Each is designed to finish with an easy basket and help you take down any zone defense. Not only does Coach Rice provide you with an offense to shred zone defenses, he also will help your players make better decisions and help them become more efficient basketball players.  Rent this Basketball Zone Offense DVD today.
Man--to--man Pressure Defense by Leon Rice Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Leon Rice (Rental)-Man--to--man Pressure Defense $15.99
Pressure the offense constantly Your players should be able to instinctively defend against pressure. Find drills that can be used to practice transition pressure and half-court pressure You can control the game if you can control your opponent's offense and defend. Mike Rice demonstrates how his team keeps this defensive control with an in-depth examination of his half-court pressure defense. Rice discusses the importance of pressing the offense with proper technique and ball pressure. This is in addition to simply trapping at half court or denying one pass. Rice demonstrates a variety of drills that can be used to help your team practice closing in, preventing middle penetration, maintaining constant tension, and many other things. These drills will help your players become more comfortable with the idea of pressing the offense. Mike Rice's Half Court Pressure Defense will force your opponent to make costly mistakes that could lead to a win. 73 minutes. 2009.
Mike Rice: 1--on--1 Breakdown Drills To Improve Your Offense by Leon Rice Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Leon Rice (Rental)-Mike Rice: 1--on--1 Breakdown Drills To Improve Your Offense $15.99
Make it easier for your players Enhance your team's offensive abilities Your players should be able to finish at the basket, and their ability to read their defenders. Your players' ability and speed to complete your half court offense is improved. Mike Rice, the Robert Morris head coach, has won back-to-back NEC regular season championships. He presents a list of 1-on-1 breakdown drills that will improve offensive skill development. Coach Rice breaks down his drills into three areas. Finishing Drills Attacking Drills Learn and React to Drills Rice stresses the importance of executing offensive and defensive skills and fundamentals in all his drills. The final drills will teach your players how to attack the basket fearlessly, make strong decisions, and play with the ball well. These drills will push your players beyond their comfort zones and prepare them to face game-like situations. Rice's attack drills can be used to keep your offensive players active and help you make quick decisions on the dribble. Screen reading and reaction skills can be improved by your players. Rice will demonstrate how to use the screening action already in your offense, as well as the down screen and flare screen. These 1-on-1 drills can simplify your teaching and increase your offensive attack. 68 minutes. 2010.
Warm Up Drills For Basketball Practice by Leon Rice Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Leon Rice (Rental)-Warm Up Drills For Basketball Practice $15.99
Mike Rice: Warm Up Drills for Practice You have to keep your players uncomfortable in practice if you want them to improve on a daily basis. Former Rutgers and Robert Morris head coach Mike Rice uses a number of drills that not only teach fundamentals, but they also force players to learn continually. The drills create a certain mentality and demand great effort. The end result is winning basketball. Rice took Robert Morris to two NCAA tournaments which helped him earn the job at Rutgers. Part of his success was due to his players being able to create chaos in games and turn up the heat on opponents. In this video, Coach Rice shows you his favorite drills to keep your players focused throughout practice and on game day. Coach Rice’s drills focus on fundamentals of the game such as: Passing and Screening Transition and Finishing Defense Close outs Rebounding You will see drills like the Daily Dozen and Rightie and Lefties. Both are finishing drills that teach players to attack the basket without fearing contact. The 4-on-3 Passing Drill teaches poise while under pressure. Coach Rice’s screening drills teach players how to set a variety of screens and get open coming off of them. You get 14 different drills in this presentation. All 14 put players in positions that are generally uncomfortable. The idea is to force players to learn how to deal with any situation that may arise in the course of a game. Players learn poise and toughness. If you are looking for drills that will motivate your players and force them to be tough, Coach Rice’s video is for you. His drills will create excitement and competition in your practices that will show on game day.