How To Win With The Princeton Style by Lee Deforest Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Lee DeForest will show you how to use the Princeton style offense with your team Basketball instruction in the Princeton style offense. Highlights from basketball games that show the Princeton offense in action Are you tired of your offense being predictable and stale? Is it hard to adjust the defense? You can now adapt the Princeton Offense to your players' strengths and maximize your teamÕs scoring. After dismantling the famous Princeton Offense, Coach DeForest rebuilt it to create a high-scoring offense for his high school students. The Princeton is easy to learn and implement thanks to DeForest's unique teaching style. DeForest offers whiteboard diagrams and practice footage for six interchangeable sets. Chin Low 5-Out Point Reverse Circle DeForest adds game footage to his teaching that shows the system in action. DeForest offers multiple options for each play based on spacing and cutting, as well as reading the defense. Coach DeForest has simplified the Princeton offense to make it more accessible to high school students. This will allow you to run this complex offense with ease. You can control the game's pace and score layups as well as open 3-pointers with equal efficiency and frequency! 71 minutes. 2009. This offense allows coaches to game plan against their opponent based on their defense style or mismatches. This offense is simplified to a perimeter and post position with six interchangeable sets, while maintaining the principle of the backdoor against overplay defensively. Lee DeForest
Princeton Offense 2.0: Reads, Counters, & Set Plays by Lee Deforest Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Lee Deforest (Rental)-Princeton Offense 2.0: Reads, Counters, & Set Plays $19.99
Princeton Offense 2.0: Reads, Counters, Set Plays Coach Lee DeForest has coached the Princeton offense at every level, from high school to Division I, with great success. In this video, Coach DeForest breaks the Princeton offense down into reads and counters. Reads are player-controlled and counters are coach-controlled. With this idea in mind, Coach DeForest provides whiteboard diagrams and then teaches these concepts on the court in a 5-on-0 setting. You will also see how modern day sets like Horns, Sixers, and Spread can be used in the offense just like the old schools sets like Chin, Circle, and Point. Initial Princeton Set The Princeton offense is perfect for today’s game as it features four interchangeable guard spots. Coach DeForest goes through the initial set up of the offense and then guides you through simple reads and counters that every team that runs the offense should know. Point Series The Point Series consists of six plays that you can run to counter a defensive strategy or exploit a certain weakness found in scouting an opponent. Snap Back is a play that creates a high-low opportunity for one of your perimeter players. Other plays free up shooters off of double screens, flare screens, and dribble handoffs. Low Series As it sounds, the Low Series features two plays that work off of post feeds by using screening actions to find openings for your perimeter players. Wheel is a counter used when the post feed is denied by using backdoor cuts and flare screens. Circle Series Vary your attack on the defense with five plays in the Circle Series. To get the ball to your best player in crunch time, use Circle Floppy. Fist Entry allows you to change up how you initiate the play against an aggressive denial defense. Use quick hitters that sent shooters off of flare or double screens. The Circle Series has something that you can install with your team right away. Chin Series When playing aggressive defenses that deny your initial passing options, the Chin Series gives you two options to counter. Coach DeForest shows you three different ways to counter defenses that sag versus back screens in the Chin Series. He also offers two more ways to exploit a defense that tries to switch on screens. Coach DeForest gives you all you need to install an updated and improved Princeton offense. Rent this Princeton Offense DVD today.
Princeton Offense: Practice Warmup & Breakdown Drills by Lee Deforest Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Princeton Offense Drills: Practice Warm-Up and Breakdown Drills In order to run the Princeton offense effectively, coach Lee DeForest presents this video which gives you all the Princeton Offense drills you need to teach and install the offense in your program. Coach DeForest shows you everything from basic warmup drills to teaching the proper reads in 3-on-0 and 4-on-0 drills. Everything in the video comes from time spent researching Hall of Fame coaches, teams that run the Princeton offense, and Coach DeForest’s own experience in the system. Practice Organization Coach DeForest helps you begin thinking about developing a drill book, preparing for an upcoming season, and how to analyze players’ skill levels. In planning practices, Coach DeForest helps you understand that there is more to a quality practice than just the Princeton Offense drills selected. Learn how to get the most from each session. You will also get ideas on how to develop a practice culture that helps players stay motivated and work their hardest. Individual Warmup Drills Coach DeForest starts practice with a drill series designed to develop the fundamentals necessary to run the Princeton offense. Using both whiteboard lecture and on-court demonstrations, you will see drill ideas for improving ball handling, footwork, and finishing at the rim. Coach DeForest puts players through the drill series – three stations – in just nine minutes. Team Warmup Drills Coach DeForest moves into the team drills which demand players to be at their highest levels of focus and energy. Players learn to build communication skills in drills like Star Passing where they must execute flawless passes and footwork. The Five-Man Weave and the Laker Drill will teach players how to pass and finish at the rim at high speeds while running the entire court. Ball Toughness Drills Coach DeForest includes two “ball toughness” drills that work on skills like pivoting and scoring while under pressure. The 12-Second drill helps players with their passing and dribbling against physical defenders. The 3-on-3 drill is extremely intense as players compete to get open on the perimeter. Offensive Breakdown Drills An emphasis is placed upon practicing shots that would be made in games. Coach DeForest demonstrates four drills to break down sets in the Princeton offense. Two drills teach the Over and Away screens that offer up to 15 options for scoring out of the Point Series. You will also see how to score with different cuts in the Chin Series and how to improve the execution of the dribble-at. All of these drills simplify complex scoring actions so they become second nature to your players. This video is the perfect complement to Winning with the Princeton Style Offense and gives you everything you need to teach it and install it in your program. Rent this Princeton Offense Drills DVD today.