A Set Offense
Lason Perkins A Set Offense $29.99
The A-Set is the most popular offensive scheme used in International basketball. From Croatia to Greece, from Argentina to Spain, and all points in between, this potent offensive attack takes full advantage of on-ball screens, drive and kick principles, and great floor spacing. Olympic gold medals and World Championship titles have been the results of this innovative attack. With this DVD, you’ll learn a variety of plays that can take advantage of your offensive strengths and personnel, while forcing constant defensive decision-making. The A-Set is used primarly against man to man defenses, but is also effective as an entry into such offenses as Flex and Motion.
Lason Perkins Backdoor Plays
Lason Perkins Backdoor Plays $29.99
Nothing changes game momentum and crushes a defense like getting an easy backdoor lay-up and this collection of great actions gives you dozens of ways to get easy baskets against aggressive half-court defensive pressure. Combining whiteboard diagrams and player demonstrations, Coach Lason Perkins teaches plays that can be used successfully at every level of the game. Taken from the play books of the best college teams like Michigan State, Butler, Kansas, and North Carolina and successful high school teams, these are actions to run out of all kinds of alignments including Box, A-Set, 1-4 and more. Also included are 3 great baseline out of bounds plays that will result in a back door layup. The video contains a printable pdf file for a playbook. Chapters Include: Half Court Plays Out of Bound Plays Features: On-court player demonstrations Dynamic Whiteboard diagrams Multiple camera angles Instructional graphics Printable PDF Playbook
Encyclopedia of the Box Offense
Lason Perkins Encyclopedia of the Box Offense $29.99
When we say "Encyclopedia" we mean it! This DVD has over 60 scoring plays and options that can be run from the popular Box offensive set. Easy to teach and easy to learn but difficult to scout and defend, Box plays are among the most popular actions used in basketball! Everything about the Box offense is covered here — from Duke's cornerstone "America's Play" to actions and plays that Dean Smith, Roy Williams, Chuck Daley, Tom Izzo, Thad Matta, John Calipari, Pat Riley, Jeff Van Gundy and many other top flight coaches have used to win championships and establish top flight, successful programs. From its standard starting alignment, the Box offense alignment offers a variety of pick and roll plays, isolation actions, post plays, and plays for shooters makes Box a powerful offense that has been successful at every level of basketball- from the pros to elementary school — and with the multiple scoring options that most Box plays offer, every team needs at least a handful of these actions in their arsenal.
European Ball Screen Offense
Lason Perkins European Ball Screen Offense $29.99
This unique video from Lason Perkins goes on-court to show you this five-out offense. Perkins explains and demonstrates the continuity of this ball screening offense and then goes into adjustments, special actions, entries and inbounds plays. He also explains the proper way to attack the defense depending on how they defend the screen and roll action. Coach Perkins shows getting into the offense from transition and from the A-set. Video # Video Title Video Length 1 Introduction Free 2:42 2 Basics 4:42 3 Adjustments Free 3:45 4 Special Actions 5:56 5 Pick & Roll Defense Free 5:34 6 On Court Teaching Part 1 7:35 7 On Court Teaching Part 2 4:45 8 Entries Part 1 8:21 9 Entries Part 2 7:29 10 Entries Part 3 7:25 11 Inbounds Plays 6:18 12 Additional Continuity Offenses 6:30 13 Drills 2:46 14 Conclusions 1:17 You will be redirected to our store on CoachTube.com to complete the purchase. Head Boys Basketball Coach at Cary Academy, teacher, father, husband. Student of the game and life. Partner with Whistle and a Clipboard podcast.
European Set Plays with Lason Perkins European Set Plays
Lason Perkins European Set Plays $29.99
Continuing his in-depth analysis and sharing of the best of international basketball's offensive game, Lason Perkins combines diagrams and player demonstrations in this great new DVD that is packed with over 50 actions. Drawn from the greatest international coaches like David Blatt, Ettorre Messina, Sergio Scariloa and many others, you'll find plays for shooters, plays to get the ball inside, pick and roll actions, isolation actions and more. You'll find all sorts of unique and effective Horns and A-Set actions, Double Exit plays and more. And even though the title says 'European,' Coach Perkins adds a few plays from China, Argentina and Brazil! Plus, every play and action is included on the DVD in a diagrammed PDF playbook for easy printing so you can take the play actions with you anywhere! Running Time: 65 Minutes
Great Pick & Roll Plays
Lason Perkins Great Pick & Roll Plays $29.99
If there's one thing that every level of basketball has learned over the past few years, it's that ball screen actions are incredibly difficult to defend. In his latest video, Lason Perkins shares his collection of the greatest pick and roll plays from around the world. Taken from FIBA, Euroleague, NBA, college and high school games, these are set plays that create mismatches, 3 point shots, interior scoring actions and more! Plus Coach Perkins explains the proper way to attack the defense depending on how they defend the screen and roll action with a special bonus section drawn from his "European Ball Screen Offense" title. Plus included on the video is a diagrammed pdf playbook of every play for easy printing so you can take the play actions with you anywhere! Video # Video Title Video Length 1 Introduction Free 2:24 2 Middle Pick & Rolls 15:54 3 Step Up Pick & Rolls 10:05 4 Side Pick & Rolls 11:14 5 Sideline Out of Bounds 6:18 6 Baseline Out of Bounds 4:44 7 Bonus Plays Free 1:38 8 Understanding Defenses 12:25 9 Conclusion 0:43 You will be redirected to our store on CoachTube.com to complete the purchase. Head Boys Basketball Coach at Cary Academy, teacher, father, husband. Student of the game and life. Partner with Whistle and a Clipboard podcast.
Great Scoring Plays
Lason Perkins Great Scoring Plays $29.99
Tired of the same old sets and actions? How about learning the best plays from the finest coaches and teams in Greece, Italy, Croatia, Argentina, Spain and more? Coach Perkins continues his unparalleled teaching and knowledge transfer with his latest offering that focuses on sets plays designed for maximum scoring results. This DVD includes actions drawn from the Olymics, FIBA, Euroleague and other international leagues and competitions. Each of the four chapters offers incredible scoring plays and looks that give every coach at every level numerous plays to get the shots they want from the players they want. Whether you're looking for post scoring, open 3 point shots or creative pick n roll plays, this is the finest collection of set plays we've ever created. Designed to be a bookend to our widely praised "Secrets Of International Basketball" DVD, "Great Scoring Plays From Around The World" puts you a step ahead of your opponents.
High Low Triangle Offense Basketball with Lason Perkins Lason Perkins High Low Triangle Offense
Lason Perkins High-Low Triangle Offense $29.99
High Low Triangle Offense with Lason Perkins  The High-Low Triangle incorporates concepts from the famous Tex Winter Triple-Post offense, commonly known as the Triangle offense; the Flex offense; and the Shuffle-Cut offense. It provides constant movement, screening and good floor spacing, and offers a variety of options that allow you to take advantage of your talented players. Because the High-Low Triangle is effective against both man-to-man defenses and zone defenses, it provides tremendous flexibility with multiple entries and options. Whether you have a great outside shooting team or a dominant inside presence- or neither- this is a powerful offense at any level of play.
Horns Offense
Lason Perkins Horns Offense $29.99
Master the Horns Offense with Coach Lason Perkins Unlock the Secrets of Basketball's Most Dynamic Offensive Strategy Elevate Your Coaching Game In the realm of basketball, the Horns offense stands as a beacon of innovation and effectiveness. Championed by Coach Lason Perkins and brought to life through FullCourtBasketball.com, this offensive scheme is a game-changer. Renowned for its balance, versatility, and ability to dismantle defenses, the Horns offense is your key to unlocking unprecedented success on the court. Discover the Power of the Horns Offense The Horns offense, also known as the A-Set, is a treasure trove of over 30 meticulously crafted scoring actions, designed to secure easy and impressive scoring opportunities. This isn't just another playbook; it's a comprehensive guide featuring actual game footage, in-depth analysis, and an exclusive interview with Coach Eric Musselman. Dive into a world of strategic brilliance and learn from the best. What's Inside: Introduction & Basic Actions: Lay the foundation with core plays that set the stage for success. Plays for Shooters: Unleash your team's shooting potential with specialized actions. Pick & Roll Plays: Navigate through defenses with precision and ease. Post Plays: Dominate the paint with strategies that highlight your bigs. Exclusive Insights: Gain wisdom from an interview with Eric Musselman and break down international game footage. Bonus Plays & More: Explore additional strategies to enhance your playbook. Learning Made Easy: On-Court Demonstrations: Witness plays in action, with detailed breakdowns in both real-time and slow motion. Active Whiteboard Diagramming: Visualize strategies with dynamic diagrams, mimicking real-life teaching scenarios. Instructional Graphics & Multiple Camera Angles: Enhance your understanding with strategic visuals and comprehensive viewpoints. Exclusive DVD Bonus Each DVD purchase includes a valuable extra – a downloadable "Plays Diagrams" PDF. This tool allows you to bring the potent strategies of the Horns Offense directly to your team, in a convenient and accessible format. About Coach Lason Perkins Coach Perkins is a luminary in the world of basketball strategy. With a rich background in creating insightful content and conducting transformative clinics, his presentation of the Horns Offense is a testament to his expertise and dedication to the sport. Elevate your team's performance with plays and actions that challenge conventions and command success. Dive into the details of the Horns Offense and discover how Coach Lason Perkins can revolutionize your approach to basketball strategy. Whether you're looking to refine your team's offense or seeking innovative plays to outmaneuver opponents, this guide is your ticket to the top. 
How to Win at the End Vol. 1
Lason Perkins How to Win at the End Vol. 1 $29.99
How To Win At The End: Vol. 1 is an incredible collection of the best in game winning plays and special situation strategies. Covering Baseline plays, Full Court plays, and opponents' Free Throws, Coach Perkins details everything you need to know to take full advantage of opportunities to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Uniquely segemented into the three most critical time blocks- Under 3 Seconds, 3-5 Seconds, and 5-10 Seconds, this DVD puts an arsenal of plays at the fingertips of coaches at any level of the game. These DVDs are worth two or three wins a season!
How to Win at the End Vol. 2
Lason Perkins How to Win at the End Vol. 2 $29.99
How To Win At The End: Vol. 2 is the companion piece to our groundbreaking Vol. 1 DVD. This incredible collection of game winning plays and special situation strategies covers Half Court Set plays, Pressure Release plays, and Sideline plays. Coach Perkins details everything you need to know to take full advantage of opportunities to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Whether you need a 2 point shot or a 3 point shot, or need to make a team pay for pressuring you, this DVD puts an arsenal of plays at the fingertips of coaches at any level of the game. These DVDs are worth two or three wins a season!
Hubie Brown's Hawk Offense with Lason Perkins Hubie Brown's Hawk Offense
Lason Perkins Hubie Brown's Hawk Offense $29.99
"WOW!!" For the first time ever, the legendary HAWK Offense is explained in detail on a coaching video or DVD. Originally a standard NBA offense, the past two decades have seen HAWK migrate to the college and high school levels despite the scarcity of information on it. Hall Of Fame coach Hubie Brown created the offense in the 1970's while coaching in the ABA, but it quickly became known as HAWK when it became the base scheme of the Atlanta Hawks. Designed to be used against both man and zone defenses, HAWK offers a variety of options and actions to take advantage of strong post players and great shooters. With a basic action and alignment that makes the HAWK easy to install and teach at any level, the addition of pick and roll plays, isolation actions, post plays, and alternate entries makes the HAWK a powerful offense that is hard to scout and defend.
basketball open post motion offense
Lason Perkins Open Post Offense (Perkins) $29.99
The Open-Post is one of the most powerful and effective offenses in basketball today. It’s designed to create good spacing and movement by spreading the defense in the half-court and utilizing constant basket cutting and screening actions. The offensive spacing allows for drive-and-kick play and plenty of one on one scoring opportunities. The Open-Post offense has all the classic elements of a motion-type of scheme but also allows options and entries to be predicated by the talent on your team. It can be used as a regular offense against a man-to-man defense or as as delay game, and is effective whether teams play an aggressive or a sagging man defense.
Scoring in Transition
Lason Perkins Scoring in Transition $29.99
This DVD contains over 80 plays that can be run in transition. Lason Perkins uses on-court demonstration and enhances it with whiteboard diagrams as he runs the players through the variety of effective plays. Types of transition offense are covered along with baseline plays, post plays, ball screen plays, isolation plays, and zone defense plays. Perkins has authored some of the best instructional DVDs on the market today and this one is no different. Running Time: 90 Minutes.
Secrets of International Basketball
Lason Perkins Secrets of International Basketball $29.99
Basketball’s offensive game has been advanced with the great actions created by teams internationally. In this DVD Coach Lason Perkins shares insights into many of those actions with on-court demonstration and whiteboard diagrams. Perkins shows dribble hand-off/weaves, drive and kick, pick and pop, A-Set, roll and replace and sudden ball screen plays that can easily be incorporated into the offenses that you currently run. The international game has an emphasis on spreading out the court and the offensive creativity in this DVD will allow any team to spread the floor and create great scoring opportunities. Running Time: 80 Minutes