Transition Offense & The Butler Way by LaVall Jordan Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
LaVall Jordan (Rental)-Transition Offense & The Butler Way $18.99
Butler Transition Offense In this Transition Offense video you are going to learn lots of new things like LaVall Jordan putting his own stamp on the successful traditions of the Butler Basketball program. The “Butler Way” culture has been explained in the best way possible and that has helped Bulldogs over the years.You will also learn how the butler plays up temp along with their transition offense. Furthermore, Jordan also demonstrates the terminology and the main idea behind the fast breaks and also gives you so many practice drills to try. The Butler Way Well, the Butler Way is really amazing and it has proved it over the years with its stunning results. The program has sustained consistent success and from coaches to writers to business leader and anyone looking to build a strong team has definitely applauded this technique. Well, the Coach Jordan has taken a new approach to this technique and has explained the Butler Way in an all new fashion because he has also experienced it as a player. You will be able to teach your players three levels of accountability, how to develop an attitude that seeks constant improvement and how to build a powerful culture that will be passed to the next generations. Transition Offense The up-temp philosophy has been explained in the best way possible by the coach Jordan. This is all about developing a mindset and the skill set which are needed to provide players the freedom to play fast.You will learn so much from it like making quick strikes in the early minutes of the game and learning the spacing rules for players running the court. The different lengths of the court have been broken down beautifully by the coach Jordan. This will help your player while making a decision in a critical situation. You will also learn how to play in the early offense situation and you will learn so many new things with this like an assortment of step up ball screens, weaves and drag screens.There are five practice drills to build this kind of offense and the coach Jordan has demonstrated them as well. Coach Jordan has explained everything and has demonstrated how you can change your defensive drill to hard-write the instinct to get out and run in your players. In order to clean up the technique of your rebounder and point the Rebound, Outlet drill will be used.  Rent this Transition Offense DVD today.