Kellie Harper's Favorite Basketball Drills by Kellie Harper Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Kellie Harper (Rental)-Kellie Harper's Favorite Basketball Drills $18.99
In this video presentation, Coach Kellie Harper from the University of Tennessee demonstrates how she uses drills to improve the performance of the Lady Vols in daily practices. The video includes video clips and diagrams to provide a detailed understanding of the drills discussed. The video starts with Coach Harper introducing her warm-up drills, starting with 2-on-0 Feed the Post, which emphasizes passing, ball handling, and finishing. Fast Break Tight, another drill utilized is one that Coach Harper added to her repertoire, it includes layups and transition work and requires developing accurate passing, quick decisions and quick passes. Alternating Layups is another drill that simulates transition basketball, this drill requires players to work on passing, cutting, and finishing layups. In the Shooting drills section, Coach Harper demonstrates drills such as Kamikaze Drill, which emphasizes accurate shooting, quick decisions and passing and Competitive Skip Pass Shooting which allows players to develop passing and shooting as a team in a way that can create energy. 3 Down Shooting is a one-minute shooting drill that requires players to run hard, make shots and develop passing skills. Coach Harper also place a heavy emphasis on rebounding, she demonstrates a few drills such as 3-on-3 Circle the Wagons and 5-on-5 Circle the Wagons which helps players to work on rebounding and transition work. And the 5 on ? drill is designed to work on transition offense and helps players choose between running their primary or secondary break and work with different numbers of defenders. This video is a great resource for coaches looking for different ways to teach basketball skills, translate them into winning plays in games and improve their team's performance. The variety of drills presented in this video will encourage fundamental skill development, it's 52 minutes long and is available in 2021.
Organizing a Lock Down Man to Man Defense by Kellie Harper Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Kellie Harper (Rental)-Organizing a Lock Down Man to Man Defense $18.99
Organizing a Lock-Down Man-to-Man Defense Kellie Harper took over for the legend, Pat Summit, at Tennessee and has carried on the rich tradition of Vols success. Having played for Coach Summit, Harper shares her ideas on defensive philosophy and how to build a lock-down man-to-man defense. On-Ball Defense The key to a great defense is having outstanding on-ball defenders. Harper herself was exceptional as an on-ball defender. Here, she shows you how she teaches her players a push step to cut off offensive players. In 1-on-1 drills, defenders work on the push step by closing out on an offensive player that takes one or two dribbles in one direction. The drill helps build technique and player confidence. Off-Ball Defense Harper’s defensive philosophy includes playing on one side of the court. The Vols allow the first pass to be made all while the help defense positions itself in the gaps. When the ball moves to a wing, Coach Harper demonstrates why wings must close out on the high side and why the top of the key denies the reversal pass. Harper and Tennessee has a golden rule for half-court defense. It is “be where you’re supposed to be on the catch.” You’ll see her players adhere to this rule in a 5-on-5 Shell Drill. Ball-Screen Defense In today’s game, you have to be able to defend the ball screen. You’ll see how Coach Harper teaches players to be physical and use the “lock up” technique. In a 2-on-2 drill, post players jam the screener and push them up the line as guards get under the screen and beat their man to the middle. Harper’s aggressive style of defense has helped Tennessee continue its women’s college basketball dynasty. Coach Harper continues to focus on the details and doing things the right way just as her mentor, Coach Summit, did. Watch and learn as one of the best programs in all of women’s college basketball is on display. Rent this Man to Man Defense DVD today.