Team Shooting & Conditioning Workouts by Justin Kittredge Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Justin Kittredge (Rental)-Team Shooting & Conditioning Workouts $16.99
Team Conditioning & Shooting Workout Jason Kittredge, President and founder of Shooting Touch, Inc., demonstrates team drills that combine shooting with strength and conditioning exercises in this video. It’s a unique take on shooting workout & drills, but one that can improve shooting especially when fatigued. Competetive & Game Speed Shooting The drills are competitive and are meant to simulate game shots as well as the fatigue factor that comes with playing hard for a full game. Coach Kittredge’s drills develop shooting mid-range to 3-point range jump shots from both a spot-up position and on the move. Three main components are emphasized by Kittredge throughout the presentation and they are sure to help your team improve: Communication: In each drill, players have to communicate with each other in order to finish the drill and beat the opponent. Competition for a common goal is as important as individual skill development. Players are consistently encouraging teammates through each drill. Fundamentals: Each drill teaches good fundamentals for the individual player which helps create a better, more fundamental team. Strength & Conditioning: Incorporating strength and conditioning into each drill puts mental and physical pressure on your players forcing them to perform at their best even when tired. This workout can be performed at any point during a season. Coach Kittredge will also show you how to execute the drills regardless of the size of your team. There is also an appearance from Austin Malleolo from the Reebok Strength Team. He demonstrates the proper way to do many of the exercises necessary to build strength and endurance for the game of basketball. This is an outstanding video on skill work and conditioning and has been used by the likes of Jay Triano, an assistant coach with the Portland Trail Blazers and Hall of Fame high school coach Bob Hurley of St. Anthony’s HS in New Jersey. Rent this shooting workout DVD today.