2018 John Calipari Coaches Clinic by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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2018 John Calipari Coaching Clinic Kentucky head coach John Calipari has a room full of accolades as the leader of one of America’s blueblood programs. The Hall of Fame coach has gathered 30 conference titles – 15 regular season and 15 tournament – throughout his career. He is a three-time Naismith National Coach of the Year and guided the Wildcats to the 2012 national championship. Now, you have the opportunity to sit in on open practice sessions where Coach Calipari covers every phase of the game, including how to plan your practices. John Calipari Coaching Clinic Part 1 The practice begins with a set of warm-up drills that also serve to teach different phases of the game. Players go through shooting and conditioning drills as the intensity of the practice begins to build. Coach Calipari sets goals for various drills and tracks the results to keep players performing at their maximum. What you will find in this part of the video is the number of ways Calipari challenges and motivates his players during the course of any drill. He explains the reasoning behind the techniques he uses to keep his players playing at a high level. Coach Calipari also dives into the mental aspect of practice and game planning. He believes in creating a culture of toughness as well as defining player roles to increase trust among teammates. John Calipari Coaching Clinic Part 2 Coach Calipari's assistant coaches show you how to assess and improve individual and team shooting in the second part of the video. Calipari emphasizes accountability as well as fundamental technique in a variety of shooting drills designed to improve players’ accuracy and increase their range. You will see both individual and team shooting drills. Calipari and his assistants cover a number of shots and combinations such as footwork off of shot fakes and stop-and-go and retreat dribbles. You also get to see how the goal tracking works to help players transfer skills from practice to game day. After a heavy dose of offense, Coach Calipari turns his focus to defense. He discusses the 1-3-1 and 2-3 and how you can improve rotations and court coverage. There is an emphasis on matching players to specific positions within the zone. This helps to get the most out of every player on your roster. With his years of success, Coach Calipari offers you a wealth of information in this clinic video. You will find a number of drills that you can adapt to meet the needs of your program and take it to new heights. Rent the John Calipari Coaching Clinic DVD set now.
35 Best Passing Drills by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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BasksetballCoach.com Presents: 35 Best Passing Drills Many of the top coaches at the highest levels of the game of basketball will tell you one of the most important stats related to winning is assists. The assist is reflective of a team’s ability to take advantage of an opponent and put players into scoring position. This video takes you inside practice sessions with some of the games top coaches and trainers and gives you the tools necessary to improve your team’s passing skills. There is a wide variety of drills that work on everything from catching, bounce passing, outlet passing, and much more. Warm-Up Drills Monteverde (FL) Academy head coach Kevin Boyle, a three-time national champion, shares a pair of warm-up drills that work on passing and movement without the ball. Players work on V-cuts and perimeter exchanges in the first drill. The second has players work on shot fakes, middle drives, baseline drives, and drift passes to the corner. Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo, a Naismith Hall of Famer, uses a three-player drill to work on the fast break. The drill starts with a rebound and an outlet pass by a post player. The focus of the drill is on advancing the ball as much as possible with each pass. Gregg Marshall, the 2014 Naismith Coach of the Year after leading Wichita State to the Final Four, shows you a drill to work on passing by post players. Posts must block out, rebound the ball at its apex with two hand, and make an outlet pass to the correct side of the floor. Legendary high school head coach Bob Hurley of St. Anthony’s in New Jersey shows you an outlet passing drill he used to begin his practices. Players work in pairs and begin the drill by simulating a rebound off the glass. The player receiving the pass dribbles to the middle of the floor and makes a jump stop inside the free throw circle then passes to the rebounder who has run wide. More from the Best There are plenty more drills like the Four-Man Weave from Connecticut women’s head coach Geno Auriemma, who has 11 national titles and two Olympic gold medals. The list of contributors that you will see in this video includes Kentucky head coach John Calipari, Arizona head coach Sean Miller, Bill Self of Kansas, and many more. It is a literal “who’s who” of some of the best teachers of basketball fundamentals in the business.
Advanced Point Guard Skills And Drills by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Advanced Point Guard Training with John Calipari Three of the very best the game has ever seen team up for this inside look at developing the consummate point guard. National champion Kentucky head coach John Calipari teams up with former NBA Most Valuable Player Derrick Rose and former 17-year NBA veteran Rod Strickland to give you one of the most insightful looks at how to develop elite point guards. Rose was the NBA’s Rookie of the Year in 2009 and two years later was the league’s MVP. Strickland served with Calipari at both Memphis and Kentucky after 17 seasons as a point guard in the NBA. Calipari has won the Naismith Award as college basketball’s Coach of the Year three times during his amazing career. The three offer up a look at how to develop the skills necessary to become a quality point guard. One of the keys for Calipari is learning screening angles. The Kentucky coach illustrates seven different areas on the court where a successful pick-and-roll can be executed. You will notice the proper actions and how they look as well as what a point guard should read as the action is executed. Advanced Point Guard Training: Pick & Roll Calipari and Rose then take you through a number of drills designed to help you master the Four S’s of the perfect pick-and-roll. All successful pick-and-rolls are made up of the following: Start, Set-up, Separation, and Score. Calipari presents the drills that he uses to get his point guards to understand the four S’s and how to execute the proper pick-and-roll. The advanced point guard training video gets deep into point guard play and Calipari takes you through recognition drills for use with lob and skip passes in the Dribble Drive Motion offense. Coach Calipari offers up six different actions in this offense that top-level point guards should be able to execute. He also adds in different methods for defending the pick-and-roll as well as angles a point guard take to separate from defenders. Throughout the 67-minute advanced point guard training video, both Rose and Strickland give insight from a player perspective. As you watch the drills, both players will offer tips on how to perfect essential skills and movements of an elite point guard. If you are attempting to develop point guards in your program, this inside look at the modern point running modern offenses is a must-have for your video library. Rent this advanced point guard training DVD today.Read our BEEF Shooting Guide here.
All Access Kentucky (calipari) by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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John Calipari Basketball Practice John Calipari has experienced a high level of success during his tenure at Kentucky. For the first time he is opening the doors of the famous gym to show you how he has accomplished so much. During the over five hours worth of instruction you will get an all access look into the first practices of Kentucky's 2009-2010 season. Basketball Practice 1 The first practice is almost entirely focused on the offense. Coach Cal gives instruction on his philosophy behind his offense along with showing you how he build his transition game. He then shows the foundations of his now famous Dribble Drive half court offense. He continues his offensive instruction by showing how Kentucky runs their transition using a 5-0 drill where all the different options are explained and demonstrated. He then moves into a series of player development with a focus on ball handling and layups. He has players go through a series of drills that focus on improving the players speed, moves, and finish with contact. Calipari continues to drill transition fundamentals using a handful of drills that include a full court team layup drill, full court two-man passing, three-man full court, and a handful of others. During this practice segment Calipari feeds his players his attacking mentality by requiring them to attack the basket harder and faster with each progressing drill. Calipari briefly goes over the defense by emphasizing how to protect the basket. Post Basketball Practice Discussion An amazing feature of this DVD package is the nearly 40 minutes of question and answer after the first practice. Calipari fields questions from the attending questions that range from player skill level, dribble drive philosophy, and practice planning. It is a truly valuable piece that allow Coach Cal to go into greater detail over what you have just seen. During the same segment, NBA veteran and current assistant coach Rod Strickland goes over some ball handling drills that Kentucky uses to increase skill and ball quickness. He was also an assistant at Memphis where he helped mentor NBA studs Derick Rose and Tyreke Evans. Another Kentucky assistant, John Robic, goes into much greater detail about the dribble drive offense. He details player spacing and positioning along with going over position specific expectations. He goes into even more detail involving some of the post skills required in the drive that include slides, relocation, sealing, and screens. Basketball Practice 2 The second practice is when Coach Cal builds his stifling man-to-man defense. Calipari uses drills ranging from 1-on-1 to 5-on-5 that reinforce Kentucky's defensive fundamentals which include early help, back foot fake, lunge, and closeouts. Calipari also teaches his rules for transition defense and demonstrates a combination transition drill that progresses from 2-on-1 all the way to 5-on-5. Kentucky is known for intense, aggressive man defense and this segment will show you the foundation of how they get there. Using the tried and true shell drill, Calipari show you how they teach the base actions of their defense which include closeouts, ball pressure, closeouts, and keeping vision of the ball. While the shell drill is not new, the way they run it is certainly unique. Calipari stresses the importance of getting the "30 Second Perfect Stop" as a way to ensure players are performing each action perfectly. Throughout practice you will get a great feel for how Calipari coaches. He does not hold back in providing coaches and players with all of his knowledge and experience as he perfects their technique in every drill. Get a first-hand experience into what makes Kentucky basketball practice so special by renting this DVD today.
All Access: John Calipari Disc 1 by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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All Access: John Calipari Disc 3 by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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All Access: Kentucky Basketball Practice Champions by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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There will be a question and answer session to analyze your overall performance in which Calipari will address about the tweaks in his style. That will pick and rolls into his dribble drive offense, the impact of new rule changes to the game and also the influence one and one have had on his coaching philosophy. Attacking offensive system will be focused in in the morning sessions and in the afternoon there will be practices regarding the implementation of the defensive strategy. So, you will be able to work on your different areas in a single day. from defensive close-out technique to swarming the ball to defending the baseline penetration lots of key areas of the game will be covered by the coach Calipari. There will two full-court press schemes as the coach will look for the best way that can help him utilize the potential of the players in the best way possible. The coach will make you understand his coaching philosophy and the reason why he thinks that teaching players how to play basketball is better and more important as compared to forcing the players to run a highly structured offense. He will also explain why a certain type of player will succeed in Kentucky and why he gives zero value to conditioning. This is indeed a golden chance to learn multiple practices from the National Championship team for all the coaches out there. You will learn and watch Coach Cal and his team executing their plans and workouts along with several breakdown drills and shell drills that will improve the mentality of the players and will enable them to develop an attacking mentality. This kind of mentality is required to run Dribble-Drive Motion Offense and the Kentucky full-court defensive scheme. The coach will be developing many future NBA drafts pick. Morning Practice 1: The coach will make you learn the dribble drive system in a new way and he will make use of ball screens for that purpose. So, how will he redefine the system? Well, he will open up by having the team executing a series of 2-man shooting drills that will revolve around penetration and kick actions. After that the players will go through the Perfection Drill which is a timed drill that gradually builds with the help of full-court lay-ups, to 3-man fast break, to three pass max Figure 8’s and at the same time the coach will be working really hard on his players and will be pushing them to operate at max speed. Then comes the Dummy Offense in which the team will perform the quick-striking nature of the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense. After all this, the coach will make the players go through different breakdown drills that will stimulate the player recognition whenever there is a chance to capitalize on an offensive advantage. Morning Practice 2 Now comes the second morning practice in which there is a 3-man pick and roll drills that will help perfect his pick and roll/pop within the dribble drive offense against no defenders. So, what these drills will do exactly? Well, these drills will help the players get familiar with the screening angles and spotting up after delivering the Pocket Pass. You will be watching the full court 5 v 5 scrimmage in which coach Calipari will be giving instructions to the team on how to run the Dribble-Drive Offense after every miss. All the morning sessions will come to an end with a question and answer session in which the players will get a better understanding of what they are actually doing.
Basic Point Guard Skills And Drills by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Basic Point Guard Drills with Derrick Rose Learn basic point guard drill with John Calipari and Derrick Rose. To be an elite point guard, you must master the basics and that comes from drill work. In this video, former NBA Rookie of the Year and MVP Derrick Rose helps you learn the skills, drills, and more associated with becoming the consummate point guard. Rose’s college coach John Calipari, now the Kentucky head basketball coach, shares with you the skills and drills that he has used to train championship point guards like Rose, John Wall, and Tyreke Evans. With the help of Rose and 17-year NBA veteran point guard Rod Strickland, Calipari takes you through a workout featuring a first-hand look at each individual point guard drill and how to improve at playing the position. Calipari presents the skills needed for an elite point guard: ball handling, scoring threat, understanding passing angles, free throw shooting, and on-ball defense. He presents drills to practice a multitude of skills. You will see basic point guard drills to practice shooting. Drills to help players play fast with the ball and those to help with transitioning from the catch to the dribble. There are even defensive drills designed to teach players to stop dribble penetration. Basic Point Guard Drills & the Mental Side Also important is the mental aspect of being a point guard. Rose and Strickland offer insight into playing the position from their perspective. Players must learn to develop confidence, become a leader, place the team before themselves, and learn to be mentally tough. Calipari and company also present the idea of being a scoring threat as a point guard at all times. They will show you drills that will help your quickness as well as hand-eye coordination. You will see that point guards should learn to develop a “go to” spot on the floor from which you know you can always score. Rose shares a drill that used to improve his shooting range. Rose, Strickland, and Calipari then sit down and simply talk basketball. The three have an in-depth discussion about the intangibles of point guard play. If you ever wanted to learn about being an NBA point guard from some of the best, this is your chance. This 85-minute video is perfect for those looking for drills and concepts that can be implemented directly into their programs to enhance guard play. Rent this basic point guard drills DVD today.
Breakdown Drills For The Dribble Drive Motion Offense by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Use intense drills and fast-paced instruction to teach the dribble drive How to make your drills more challenging Your dribble drive offense should be run at its highest level Dribble Drive Motion Offense, a 94-foot attack on the basket. John Calipari demonstrates how to create this mindset in your basketball practice by using his favorite dribble drive drills. Every competitive drill involves sprinting, passing and hard-line drives to reach the rim. Your offense will have many opportunities to score on the open floor with Calipari's attack drills. Calipari runs these drills quickly, intensely, and requires maximum focus. Each drill is unique because of peer pressure, special conditions, and time constraints. These drills are all required to ensure that the machine works at its best. These drills will help you score consistently in the full and half courts. 67 minutes. 2009.
Building & Champion & The 2-3 Zone by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Building a Champion and the 2-3 Zone National championship winning coach John Calipari and three of his top assistants take you inside the program for a look at what it takes to build a champion. Learn the Kentucky Wildcat philosophy and listen as Coach Calipari covers things like staff responsibilities, scouting, practice design, motivating players, zone defense, and more. With three Naismith Coach of the Year awards under his belt, Calipari knows a thing or two about building a championship program. Creating a Championship Staff A great staff helps make a head coach more efficient and, ultimately, more successful. Kentucky assistant coach John Robic, who has spent many years with Coach Calipari, shares his ideas on hiring the right staff, coaching responsibilities on game day, and working with players. Coach Robic’s expertise lies in scouting opponents. He shows you how an elite program like Kentucky prepares for upcoming opponents. You will see how the coaching staff shares information with player and how much to share. Coach Barry Rohrssen then goes into the role of an assistant coach and how, as an assistant, you must be organized and prepared for each day whether it is practice or a game. He also shares ideas on player motivation, setting goals, and paying attention to the little details in your program. 2-3 Zone Defense Tony Barbee, another Calipari assistant, draws on his experience as a head coach at UTEP and Auburn to teach you strategies for maximizing the 2-3 zone defense. Coach Barbee shows you the most frequently used offensive strategies to attack the 2-3 and how Kentucky adjusts to defend each one. You will see how to match up when the ball goes to the high post and trap when the ball is in the short corners. Coach Barbee also shares how Kentucky rebounds from the 2-3 zone. Q&A with Coach Calipari The video is highlighted by a special Q&A session with Coach Calipari. He talks about his coaching philosophy and how he is able to take some of the nation’s best players, soon to be NBA lottery picks, and get them to put the team first. Coach Calipari also talks about changing your program’s culture to one that is player-focused. You will also see how Kentucky uses efficiency statistics to motivate players to develop roles on the team. If you are searching for ideas about changing your program, the University of Kentucky program is one to emulate. Coach Calipari and his staff offer you a treasure trove of championship building information in this presentation.
Building A Dominant Defensive System by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Forcing turnovers can increase scoring Double down to limit post scoring These drills will help you build your defense starting from the ground. John Calipari's winning teams are a result of their strong offensive system. Calipari's teams are reliant on disruption and defensive pressure to create scoring opportunities. Calipari's ultimate goal is to make the game more efficient without sacrificing lay-ups. This instructional video teaches you how to use drills from 1-on-1 to 5 on 5, to increase your defensive pressure. To create a disruptive defense, you will need to learn how to use the lunge, early support, and close outs. Calipari demonstrates how the double down post forces turnovers and bad shots from the offense using the shell drill. Calipari puts players through intense drills that simulate a game to demonstrate their defensive ability. This pressure defense can guard every offensive system, including the flex offense. 65 minutes. 2009.
Fundamentals For Becoming An All-star by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Learn Coach CalipariÕs "8 All-Star Foundations" To achieve success, keep a list of your goals and dreams. Develop character, serve, be a teammate, and be a good person Every player can be an All-Star at school, in basketball, and in life if they are their best. John Calipari, Kentucky's basketball coach, reveals eight principles for being an All-Star. These eight characteristics will help players exceed their expectations and achieve high performance goals. The journey of a player is a daily effort of hard work and diligence. A structured approach to basketball and life can lead to amazing accomplishments. Calipari urges his players to take ownership, follow role models and work until exhaustion. Calipari believes that the mind is the most powerful tool a player has and is crucial to their success. Calipari's model is one that every coach and player can use. To reach new heights, you must take responsibility for your actions and serve others for the benefit of the team. To become an All-Star, you must be empowered in each of the fundamentals. 35 minutes. 2009.
John Calipari's 2013-14 Basketball Coaches Clinic by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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John Calipari Basketball Clinic Disc 1 The first DVD of this John Caliapri Basketball Clinic is all about several drills and a mixture of philosophy as well. There will be several things you will be learning like the coach’s Calipari’s approach to practice, building his team, implementing his defense and also the his philosophy of using ball screens. The coach will also make you understand advantages of using an individual approach to players in order to develop a positive and successful environment. When it comes to moving to the court the players will get in touch with the practice mainly focused on the defensive side. The breakdown drills will be used for this purpose that will help to build the on-ball defense, close outs, and help defense. Furthermore, the players will also learn the art of defending new offensive actions like the pin downs, back screens and dribble hand-offs. Just before the practice rebounding drills will be emphasized as well. You will also go through the Coach Calipar’s version of Shell Drill that will make you understand correct positioning. John Calipari Basketball Clinic Disc 2 When it comes to the second disc of the program, the coach will focus on some question and answering session. You will be able to ask question about your last day practices and will be able to have a discussion with the coach to make improvements. There will be a detailed analysis of the transition entries and the ball screens and the session 2 is all about working on the offensive side of the players. The ball screen and transition entries have been added in the traditional Dribble Drive offense by Kentucky as well. From shooting drills to position-specific drills to various competitive scrimmages from 2-on-1 up to 5-on-5 you will go through all these when you will practice in the session 2. The Kentucky''s signature Dribble Drive Offense is very important and it has been covered heavily in this second practice session by the coach. You will get a great look at the Kentucky offense and for that purpose you will be using the 5-on-0 drill. On the other hand, you will also be getting key knowledge from the coach Calipari that will help to improve the game of the players. Now when it comes to the 3-on-3 drill, the players will be improving their anticipating skills and will try to read the opponent players. After this drill the players will realize how the coach Calipari has evolved the basic concepts into bigger and stronger potent offense. The team will also be working on the Drag and Fist and this is mainly pick-and-roll plays which involve both the 4-men and 5-men screening in basketball. The disc 2 practice will come to an end with some vital skill drills that will help train the guards to shoot or penetrate and train posts for rebounding and finish in the paint. John Calipari Basketball Clinic Disc 3 For the final session of the program the coach Calipari will try to put everything together. The Dribble Drive Motion Offense will be broken down in detail and the Assistant coach John Robic along with the assistance of other members on the staff will explain each and everything related to this offense so that players get the maximum output out of it as it is very important. This Motion Offense has guided the Kentucky Wildcats to three Final Four appearances in the past four years (2011-14). Everything will be explained in a step by step guide as the Dribble Drive Motion Offense is very important and it plays a key role in the overall performance of the team. The coach will make the players go through spacing and basic offensive player movements. The coach will also shed some light on different entries that can be used to setup the initial attack. Rent this John Calipari Basketball Clinic DVD Set today.
Dribble Drive Drills Skill set John Calipari
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Dribble Drive Drills with John Calipari Coach Calipari Who Understood The Philosophy; The Effectiveness Of The Dribble Drive Offense Comes Directly From The Skill Level Of Each Player, Took Time Break Down This Popular Offense By Presenting 22 Skills For All Players In This Video. he Laid Bare The Dribble Drive Post And Perimeter Skills In Drills And Competitive Situations On The Floor For Any Player To Follow. Calipari's Tutorials Are Very Detailed Because He Has A Way Of Dispelling The Myth That The Dribble Drive Is A Loose, Free-for-all Style Of Play. Dribble Drive Drills for Post Players one Thing You Will Learn In This Presentation Is How “posts Can Receive The Basketball In Scoring Areas By Relocating On Penetration And Reacting To The Defense.” The Lessons In This Video Will Also Help Improve Your Post Player's Skills Of Catching, Keeping The Ball High And Finishing Well And Strong. At The End Of The Practice, You Should Be To Strengthen Your Perimeter Play By Perfecting Lay Ups, Driving Jump Shots, Pitch Backs And Corner Shots. Triple Your Team's Effectiveness In The Dribble Drive By Committing To Each Of These Skills Every Day. Rent this dribble drive drills offense DVD today.