Managing The Coaching Issues You Face by Jerry Faulkner Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Jerry Faulkner: Managing the Coaching Issues You Face Coaching high school basketball is not simply about winning games. It involves dealing with high school students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Jerry Faulkner, the former head coach at Charlotte Latin School (NC), had tremendous success during his 42-year coaching career. He won over 700 games and captured nine state championships. For Coach Faulkner, success was more than just winning games. He was able to build one of the most powerful private school teams in the history of North Carolina. His commitment to developing character was one of the big reasons for his success. The core principles he used to teach basketball helped make a difference in the lives of the players he coached. In this video, Coach Faulkner shares strategies for taking on the issues modern coaches face today. Coaches need to serve their student-athletes and enjoy long and emotionally prosperous careers. Coach Faulkner shows you how. He discusses 14 different topics that can be troublesome for coaches. These topics include: Dealing with referees Dealing with cutting players Dealing with parents Dealing with school administration Dealing with problem athletes Dealing with the media Coach Faulkner also offers guidance on how to improve your craft as a coach. You will hear personal examples on the importance of developing kids, building relationships and being a role model for your student-athletes. For coaches looking for information beyond the typical Xs and Os of basketball, Coach Faulkner’s presentation is a must-see!