Off-season Skill Development Workout by Jerod Haase Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jerod Haase (Rental)-Off-season Skill Development Workout $17.99
Je Off-Season Basketball Skill Development Workout Off-season basketball skill development can go a long way in determining how well a team will perform during the regular season. Stanford University head coach Jerod Haase has a proven method for improving players’ skill levels. His toolbox of drills includes many that date back to his association with coaching great Roy Williams. Coach Haase shares with you a number of highly intense and competitive drills that can be used not only to improve skills, but also to keep athletes conditioned. The presentation begins with Coach Haase discussing how to approach skill development with a teammate on the court. He then goes into shooting drills that require players to get their footwork right. Coach Haase then shows how he incorporates “game action” into the drills as well as explaining how to avoid wasting time when doing any drill. Ball Handling Development The next part of the presentation focuses on ball handling. Coach Haase runs players through a number of stationary and on-the-move ball handling drills. Haase has one of his former players demonstrate the two-ball, on-the-move dribble workout, which is one of the highlights of the presentation. The idea of adding movement to the two-ball drill will challenge players to improve their ball handling skills. Post Player Drills & Counters Also presented is a post player workout. Haase likes his posts to develop a favorite move and a counter to it. They work on those skills to become great at a few things instead of just good at several skills. You will also see a great drill that teaches post players to own the block prior to receiving an entry pass. Shooting Off the Dribble Shooting from a stationary position is a critical skill, but having the ability to shoot off the dribble or on the move will determine a shooter’s greatness. Coach Haase shares a variety of drills to work these skills as well as a transition shooting drill. The drills are fun, competitive, and can be done with teammates or individually. Coach Haase’s series of drills are designed to improve players’ skills and teach competition. They can easily help your players work hard in the offseason all while enjoying the process. Rent this basketball skill development DVD today.