25 Explosive Concentration & Conditioning Drills by Jeff Young Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jeff Young (Rental)-25 Explosive Concentration & Conditioning Drills $15.99
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Improving Your Team's 3 Point Shooting by Jeff Young Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jeff Young (Rental)-Improving Your Team's 3 Point Shooting $18.99
3 Point Shooting Drills with Jeff Young As analytics have taken over the game of basketball, more teams have been relying on the 3-point shot at most every level. From the NBA to high school, the majority of the best teams are very efficient 3-point shooters. To have a chance at success, your teams must shoot well from beyond the 3-point line. Jeff Young, head coach NCAA Division II power Walsh University, shares with you his methods for improving a team’s 3-point shooting. An excellent 3-point shooter as a player at Walsh in the 1990s, Young emphasizes shooting every day in his practices. The winningest coach in school history, who also has an NAIA national championship under his belt, shares a number of drills as well as his philosophy on changing a player’s shot. Philosophy of 3 Point Shooting Coach Young’s presentation begins with his philosophy on shooting the basketball. Many young coaches may have never really considered their philosophy on shooting or may have some preconceived notions of their own. Coach Young helps you to examine what you really believe about shooting mechanics from positioning of the feet to the follow-through. He will even show you how to help players improve their confidence as shooters. 3 Points of 3 Point Shooting Drills In his program, Young talks about the three points of emphasis: 1) recruit great shooters, 2) shot selection, and 3) repetition. He explains how to control shot selection and even shooting off of a good pass as compared to a bad one. The key for Coach Young in improving 3-point shooting is the repetition. He sets aside at least 30 minutes of practice time each day to work on shooting, mostly catch-and-shoot situations. 3 Point Shooting Drills Young breaks his shooting drills into individual and team drills. There is always an element of time and score in each. This brings out the competitive nature in players. A consequence added to each drill is another incentive for players to succeed. You will see five individual drills and four team drills. 3 Point Individual Shooting Drills 5-Minute Threes 2-Minute, 3-Minute, and 4-Minute 3-Minute Shooting How Many Makes Before 2 Misses 20-Minute Shoot 3 Point Shooting Team Drills 3-Minute Team Shooting Cavs Transition Memphis Shooting Full-Court Shooting The changing nature of today’s game is forcing coaches around the country to re-evaluate their stance on the 3-point shot. The drills provided by Coach Young in this 72-minute video can set you and your players on the right track toward becoming more efficient long-range shooters. Rent this 3 point shooting drills video today.