Chin Series Continuity Offense: Highly Effective Princeton Concepts by Jeff Horner Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jeff Horner (Rental)-Chin Series Continuity Offense: Highly Effective Princeton Concepts $18.99
Jeff Horner takes the classic Princeton Chin Offense and modernizes it for today's game of basketball, where a shot clock and the 3-point line are prominent. The head coach at Truman State explains that the success he's had running this version of the Chin Offense is due to the way it involves everyone on the court and the potential scoring options for various players at any given time. The offense is also flexible and can be modified to adjust to changes in defensive tactics. In this highly informative on-the-court instructional clinic, all sets are demonstrated using 5-on-5 offense vs defense. Horner begins by showing the base set in the Chin Offense, where he demonstrates initial positioning and player responsibilities and roles within the offense. This leads to a good transition into the use of dribble hands offs (DHOs) to initiate the actions and the various types of screens that can be used, as well as when the continuity occurs, moments to look for in the high-low action and the best positions on the floor for bigs to post up. With Chin Pressures, Horner highlights how to tweak and adjust the offense when the opposing defense adapts and tries to take away DHOs. He also takes time to point out how the Chin Offense is especially tough to stop when you have a perimeter player who can really play and how to effectively use drag screens involving big-to-guard actions to free up additional scoring opportunities. In Chin Doubles, Horner shows how this option has been extremely successful in getting good, open looks on the perimeter – using staggered screens, and follows it up by covering how to quickly transition back into the Chin set and the best ways to incorporate high-low actions from this look. Horner then covers a detailed overview on how to surprise defenses by getting effective quick hitters out of sets that initially look like the Chin is being run. Quick hitters covered here include ‘Early’ – which is designed to get a shot within 5 seconds and features a corner 3 coming off a double-staggered screen.‘Early Back’ is a quick hitting option you can implement when defenses begin to cheat on ‘Early’ – featuring a 3-point opportunity on the same side that the ball is entered to initiate the offense. ‘Early Cross’ is an effective quick hitter that utilizes a cross-post screen and is designed to get your big the ball near the basket for a high-percentage, quick-hitting shot opportunity. Horner's version of the Chin Offense is a great fit for any level of basketball. Coaches who appreciate and understand just how effective and tough-to-guard different