Drills For Building Half Court Pressure Defense by Jay Spoonhour Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jay Spoonhour (Rental)-Drills For Building Half Court Pressure Defense $15.99
Jay Spoonhour: Drills for Building Half-Court Pressure Defense Current Eastern Illinois University head coach Jay Spoonhour is a former National Junior College Coach of the Year. What has helped him in building programs at a number of different schools is aggressive half-court defense. In this video, Coach Spoonhour takes you through the individual and group drills that he uses to teach the fundamentals of his half-court man-to-man defense. Individual Defense Coach Spoonhour’s first head coaching job was at Wabash Valley CC where he took his first team to a 36-1 record and a NJCAA national championship. It all started with Coach Spoonhour’s first set of drills which focus on stopping drives and denying passes to the wing. He will show you how to develop your players’ abilities to: Create ball pressure and take away lines of vision Deny passes Maximize foot quickness Stop the dribble using the slide-run-slide technique Group Defense Coach Spoonhour then shows you how to incorporate individual drills into the team concept. Moving onto the court, the shell drills is used to show how players move on passes. The group drills focus on keeping both eyes on the ball and using quickness to get into the proper positions. There are drills that focus on denying the pass to the wing and cutting off the baseline. Other drills focus on help defense and not giving up easy layups. You will see Spoonhour demonstrate proper footwork while defending on the wing. That footwork is crucial to excellent team defense. By using Coach Spoonhour’s drills, your team will develop the skills needed to succeed on defense. This presentation is a great resource for a beginning coach or for coaches that just need a refresher on half-court defense. Rent this half court pressure defense DVD today.