Dynamic Warm-up Drills For Basketball by Jason Papalio Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Jason Papalio: Dynamic Warm-Up for Basketball Often overlooked in player development is preparing the athlete’s body for practice. Jason Papalio is an Athletic Recovery Training Specialist who has worked with the Manhattan College men’s basketball program as well as a number of high school, college, and professional athletes. In this video, you will learn Coach Papalio’s dynamic warm-up and how it can help you to prevent injuries and increase overall athleticism. Dynamic Warm-Up Preparing your team for practice is both mental and physical. Coach Papalio takes you through his dynamic warm-up and demonstrates a variety of drills that can help your players improve. The drills focus on core, mobility, stability, and flexibility and balance. With a menu of drills like lunges, pogo jumps, jumping jacks, and more; you can pick and choose the drills best suited to your program. Coach Papalio’s drills help prepare your athletes for daily practice sessions. The Cool Down While most programs around the country have a defined warm-up before they begin practice, many often do not fully utilize the cool down. Coach Papalio explains the importance of the cool down as well as providing detailed explanations and demonstrations of post-practice and post-game cool down routines. These routines use both static stretches and yoga to increase flexibility and prevent injuries in your athletes. Stretching after a practice will improve your players’ flexibility. More flexible athletes tend to be stronger, faster, and more productive on the court. Instituting a post-practice or post-game cool down routine also serves as a preventative measure in guarding against injury. Coach Papalio explains all of his recovery techniques, warm-up drills, and other exercises with one goal in mind – to make your players the best they can be. 44 minutes. 2018.