Assembly Line Skill Builders Assembly Line Skill Builders
Jamie Angeli Assembly Line Skill Builders $29.99
Challenge your players with new drills this season... and see rapid improvement by using these unique and creative Assembly Line Skill Builders. Coach Jamie Angeli has collected 9 of the best drills from coaches around the world that eliminate practice dead time and player boredom - and instead emphasize constant movement, learning. and conditioning by utilizing progressions that are physically and mentally challenging. Using both player demonstrations and whiteboard diagramming, the “Fundamental Factory” is a detailed drill series that will teach and reinforce important skills, both on offensive and defense, in a repetitive and competitive environment. This DVD also contains a pdf file of Angeli’s Fundamental Factory book that be printed off your computer and taken to practice. Running Time: 150 minutes. 2010
Attacking Junk Defenses
Jamie Angeli Attacking Junk Defenses $29.99
When the opposing team uses a junk defense, they’re telling you one thing: “Your best player isn’t going to beat us tonight.” This is the ultimate collection of continuity actions and set plays that will destroy any Box & 1 or Triangle & 2 junk defense. Coach Jamie Angeli’s diagrams and player demonstrations will walk you through the most comprehensive collection of overloads, pick and rolls, screens, and flare and slip actions that create space and mismatches- and can keep your star player in the game. This DVD also contains a pdf file of Angeli’s Attacking Junk Defenses book that be printed off your computer and taken to practice. Running Time: 70 minutes. 2010
Backdoor Buckets
Jamie Angeli Backdoor Buckets $39.99
This DVD demonstrates 15 plays versus aggressive man-to-man defenses in which backdoor buckets can result. The plays are run from various sets and each play has other options including post entries, three-point shots, and ball screens, but the beauty of the plays is that each finishes with a backdoor cut that will take advantage of any over-aggressive defender. Every coach needs to have quick hitters ready to take advantage of the defense and this DVD is a great resource.
Flexible Dribble Drive Offense
Jamie Angeli Flexible Dribble Drive Offense $29.99
If you're looking for a great continuity offense that combines the aggressive actions of the Dribble Drive but also has great structure like the Flex, than this unique offensive system is for you! This is a hard to guard and hard to scout offensive system that uses interchangeable players and positions for quick attack actions. Using blur screens, curl cuts, flex cuts and dribble-drive attacks, Coach Jamie Angeli emphasizes spacing, cutting, screening, and driving with the result being backdoor layups, post up actions and rim attacks. The five Breakdown Drills are the perfect way to reinforce the offense and its principles at practice on a daily basis. Included on the DVD is a printable PDF ebook of Flexible Dribble Drive Offense that includes additional plays, diagrams, and more information! Running Time: 50 Minutes. 2012
Jamie Angeli's  Fusion Offense Video and PDF.
Jamie Angeli Fusion Offense $29.99
Jamie Angeli's Fusion Offense combines the 1-4 high, sideline triangle and Princeton styles into one cohesive offensive system. Angeli diagrams and demonstrates the post, wing and dribble entries into the offense that starts in the 1-4 set and culminates in the sideline triangle and 2-man game set made famous by Tex Winter's offensive system. All of the options from each pass with each entry are shown and actions from the pinch post and triangle sides are demonstrated. Angeli adds pressure release actions and drills to complete the DVD. This DVD also contains a pdf file of Angeli's Fusion Offense book that can be printed off your computer and taken to practice. Running Time: 60 Minutes. 2010.
Junk Defenses that Work
Jamie Angeli Junk Defenses that Work $29.99
Jamie Angeli is back with another great DVD for your coaching library; Stopping The Unstoppable: Junk Defenses That Work.   This DVD is packed with ideas on using the Diamond & 1, Triangle & 2 as well as unique concepts including the Designated Helper.   The whiteboard diagrams and player demos give a thorough teaching of the methods to take an opponents best player or players out of the game! Complete with game footage to highlight the "Do's and Don'ts" of these unique defensive tactics, Coach Angeli shows you exactly how to limit the offensive potential of your best opponents on the schedule.   If your team doesn't always seem to match up in size or talent, this DVD will help you level the playing field. Plus an expanded printable PDF book is included with more tips and ideas.   Running Time: 60 Minutes. 2012.  
Princeton Continuity Offense
Jamie Angeli Princeton Continuity Offense $29.99
Princeton Continuity Offense - the Easy Princeton Offense  Coach Jame Angeli addresses these 4 problem areas coaches experience in trying to run the Princeton Offense in their programs. Difficult to Teach Offense breaks down when backdoor pass isn't open or passer loses dribble The need for more screens or sets to get into the offense Coaches wanted more control in what type of shots they get Coach Angeli addresses the problem areas above while still keeping the reasons coaches love the run the Princeton Offense Great spacing and floor balance for dribble penetration, back cuts and defensive transition. Easy to keep continuity, even through unsuccessful back cuts and  dribble pick-ups and when entries and ball reversal is denied. Easy to teach and reinforce with included breakdown drills. Included set plays that incorporate screens and post isolations for your best post and perimeter players. Jamie Angeli teaches the Princeton Offense in his easy-to-understand style that will allow your team to run the offense effectively. Angeli begins with transition into the offense with a sideline break. He then breaks down the wing entry, dribble entry and post entry and all of the actions available from each. The beauty of the offense is its backdoor cuts and Angeli shows where and when and how to find them. He includes special actions, set plays and implements dribble penetration into the Princeton offensive action. The DVD finishes with a series of drills to help teach and implement the offense. Running Time: 65 Minutes. Topics of the Princeton Continutiy Offense covered include: Transition into the Offense Basic Continuity and Alignment Wing Pass Entry Post Entry Backdoor Options Breakdown Drills As a Bonus you will receive with your download or DVD copy (your choice) a PDF file that covers the Princeton Continuity Offense video so you can have all the information at your fingertips any time you need it.  Order the Princeton Continuity Offense Today and Coach it like a Pro.