2014 Howard Garfinkel Basketball Coaches Clinic by Howard Garfinkel Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Howard Garfinkel (Rental)-2014 Howard Garfinkel Basketball Coaches Clinic $39.99
Basketball Clinic Video Howard Gafinkle is known for bringing extraordinary talent together and this 2014 basketball clinic is no different. The lineup coaches is truly astounding and you will learn so much about offense, defense, and running a program. This is time and money well invested as the amount of knowledge these coaches present is a plenty and extensive. Billy Donovan, Full Court Pressure Defense Current NBA head coach Billy Donovan shows a highly effective full court pressure defense. With this defense you will be able to create turnovers and high amount of pressure without giving up easy baskets as a sacrifice. It is rare to find a system that can accomplish both of those precedents but Donovan outlines it all for you. You will learn how to trap out of the full and half court along with how to establish a secondary trapping system. John Calipari, Coaching Ideas and Practice Drills With all the talent Coach Cal brings to Kentucky every year it is vital for his success that his players play as a team. Learn how and why he stresses the importance of communication and relationships with his players to help build chemistry and work ethic. He also shows you some of his favorite drills to work on individual player development. Jim Boeheim, Quick Hitting Plays to Attack Man-to-Man and Zone Defenses While Boeheim is famous for his 2-3 zone, he also has a genius offensive mind. He provides you with an extensive playbook for incorporating a pick-and-roll game to help get your best players comfortable shots. He uses a free-flowing playbook that eventually rolls into a pick-and-roll to get players open shots from their comfort spots. True to his form, he also shows how to guard common offensive sets for attacking his infamous 2-3 zone. Seth Greenberg, Disrupting Offenses with the 1-3-1 Zone Defense Disrupt and turnover the offense with this highly aggressive, trapping defense presented by Seth Greenberg. In this series, Greenberg will show you how to shut down passing lanes and cause more turnovers by the offense which can lead to easy points for you. He also goes into detail on how to rebound, shut down great players, and take advantage of specific spots on the floor out of this zone. Brian Beauty, Basketball Drills for Every Practice Brian Beaury owes much of his over 500 wins to his emphasis on improving his players fundamentals. In this session, he shows you his 12 bread and butter drills for developing players skills. These drills are intense, competitive, and fast paced and your players will eat up the way they improve from running the drills. Mike Fratello, Basketball Skills, Drills, and Basketball Wisdom Coach Fratello presents both basketball and philosophical improvement for you to chew on. He dives into his entire basketball knowledge to present you with his theory and philosophy on many parts of the game. Specifically, you will learn about skill development, defensive drills and strategies, and a handful of money set plays. He is an established teacher and a joy to learn from. This amazing basketball clinic brought together coaches hand picked by Garfinkle. Have a notepad ready and begin the journey to improving your coaching, and program, renting this basketball clinic DVD today.