Building The Dribble Motion Offense
Herb Welling Building The Dribble Motion Offense $39.99
Five drills and six entries for the dribble motion offense are shared in this DVD. The five drills are specific to the offense and teach the skills and reads necessary to run this motion offense with an attacking mentality. The drills include one-player lay-ups and two and three player drills that not only teach the offense, but put the players in a position to learn the reads necessary to run the offense effectively. Running Time: 39 Minutes. 2007.
Dribble Drive Adjustments Herb Welling Dribble Drive Offense Herb Welling
Herb Welling Dribble Drive Adjustments $29.99
It's one thing to know the basics of the offense, but it's another to actually master the offense. Over 40 play actions, quick hitters, and in-bounds schemes are covered in detail and all of these sets have been taken directly from the playbooks and games ofthe leading DDM proponents. Whether it's a sagging defense or aggressive pressure-based defense, or even zone schemes,here are the counter-mesures designed to nullify any defensive approach. Remember- defenses catch up to offenses and you must be prepared to stay one step ahead! This is a mandatory DVD to own and utilize if you are commited to aggressive dribble drive actions. Knowing the basics is important- but knowing the advanced alignments and movements that lead to great looks and scoring opportunities is critical!
Dribble Drive Motion Offense
Herb Welling Dribble Drive Motion Offense $39.99
The dribble motion offenses has taken the nation by storm. Two-time Nebraska state champion Herb Welling has implemented the offense at Omaha Central and in this DVD shares the basic offense and its reads. It is a four-out/1-in offense based on an attack mentality. The mantra attack-attack-skip-attack-attack describes the action that takes place as the perimeter players attempt to attack the rim or look for kick-out threes. The offense does not need a dominant post player and is capable of attacking pressure or sagging man defenses. Running Time: 40 Minutes