Building A Championship High School Basketball Program by Gary McKnight Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Gary McKnight (Rental)-Building A Championship High School Basketball Program $17.99
How to Build a Successful Basketball Program with Gary McKnight If you are looking to build a championship high school basketball program, Mater Dei HS (CA) head coach Gary McKnight offers you a place to start with this video. McKnight has been coaching at the California school for nearly four decades and has amassed over 1,150 wins. His teams have averaged 31 wins per season since he took over as head coach prior to the 1982-83 season. Coach McKnight has amassed numerous state championships, produced 24 CIF Players of the Year, hundreds of college players, and even nine that played in the NBA. In this lecture-style video, Coach McKnight reveals how he has built such an outstanding program at Mater Dei and how you might do the same in your program. For the young coach, Coach McKnight’s How to Build a Successful Basketball Program presentation is the perfect blueprint to building a successful program from the ground up. He shares some of his leadership ideas and offers suggestions for not just developing players but for making lifelong memories as well. Coach McKnight’s presentation includes highlights such as: How to adapt your style to your players How to best use your players’ strengths Developing a positive relationship with school administration and the parents or your players Setting high expectations for practice habits while allowing room for growth Bringing out the best in each student-athlete Setting ground rules for your team How to offer team-bonding opportunities Creating tradition with a Hall of Fame or Walk of Fame How to Build a Successful Basketball Program from Experienced Coaches Coaches can learn a lot from experienced winners in their profession. Coach McKnight has had plenty of success over a long career. Understanding how he built his program and how he maintained that level of excellence can provide a good starting point for young aspiring coaches. Coach McKnight offers honest conversation on building a winner. It is exactly what you will not get when attending a traditional coaching clinic. This is the perfect presentation for coaches focused on building their program’s culture. Rent this How to Build a Successful Basketball Program DVD today.