Mandatory Drills Mandatory Drills
Ed Schilling Mandatory Drills $29.99
Ed Schilling has the ability to make players better and in his newest DVD he shows how to drill players of any level or position and help them improve their games. This DVD includes the Mikan series, commando series, box close-out series, baseline power series, destroy series, triple threat series, and transition series. It also includes five shooting drills and a two-player full-court workout. These drills will push players to improve their skills and conditioning. Running Time: 75 Minutes. 2009.
Mandatory Moves
Ed Schilling Mandatory Moves $29.99
In this DVD Ed Schilling teaches 23 different scoring moves from the perimeter and the post. Chapters include moves from the block, short corner, triple threat moves, dribble attack moves, and finishing moves. Any player can learn a go-to move from this DVD. Schilling simplifies the teaching of the moves that will aid players at any level. “Ed Schilling is one of the best teachers in the game of basketball. His ability to make players improve is the best that I have seen,” says John Calipari. Running Time: 70 Minutes. 2008.
Running the Team
Ed Schilling Running the Team $37.00
This video is designed with both the coach and player in mind. It contains drills that can be done with anywhere from one to four players. It emphasizes both offensive and defensive concepts important for playing the point guard position. Vital skills such as feeding the post, penetrating and pitching, decision making in transition, defending the perimeter player, denying the easy entry pass, and much more are included in this video. The video also includes the off the court skills needed to be a true leader for the team. Running Time: 75 Minutes