Dennis Diericx: 10 Principles For The Rocket Sweep by Dennis Diericx Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dennis Diericx (Rental)-Dennis Diericx: 10 Principles For The Rocket Sweep $16.99
Features & Benefits Dennis Diericx Rockton-Hononegah (IL) HS Offensive Coordinator; former Beloit College Offensive Coordinator; Member of the IHSFCA Hall of Fame (2008) This DVD focuses on the benefits of running the Rocket Sweep. There are many offenses in football. Coach Diericx answers the question "Why the Rocket Sweep?" It is easy to put in at all levels. The defense must play sidelines. There are very few blocking options. Here are Diericx's 10 principles for the Rocket Sweep to help you get started. Two blocks are key to success: minimizing blitzing, stunting, and using as many formations possible. Diagrams show the Split End side of the Rocket to Split End. To demonstrate the pitch options available to the quarterback, the "midline" is described. The Rocket Sweep to Tight End is also demonstrated. You can also run the Rocket to the Nub side on a two-blocker surface, or in a TFormation set. Rocket running is a matter of timing. Rocket Timing Drill is a drill that focuses on precise timing and includes all aspects of the play. Diericx also diagrams companion plays that may be used in the set to strengthen the play. These include the Belly Cross Block, Trap, Down, Option, and Down play. This DVD explains the Rocket Sweep in detail. The principles, keys, and teaching points can be used to benefit your team, no matter if you are running or defending the Rocket Sweep. The Rocket Sweep, complete with companion plays is a deadly weapon for any offensive system. 73 minutes. 2006.