How To Correct Common Shooting Errors by Dave Love Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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One of the most complex thing in of all sports is the mechanics of shooting Basketball. Not everyone is good at shooting but everyone wants to be good at this and so many players find it difficult to shoot the ball. Some of the basic issues are poor footwork, a flaring elbow or even how a player grabs the ball. All these factors can lower the shooting percentage. The Positive Power Well, according to the coach Love the most important factor for shooting the ball is the positive power. This is the factor which produces the right results all the time. So, from where does this POSITIVE POWER come? Well, from the shooter’s feet, body, arm and hand this positive power come. The coach also shares the reason how negative energy lower the shooting percentage. These two concepts looks very small but they are almost everything for getting the best results. The coach also provides amazing positive power improving drills. Common Shooting Errors and Corrections These are the major mistakes made by players while shooting: Rotating the feet on the finish Thumb and pinkie down Bad rotation on the ball Flat and short shots Elbow issues Proper hand position on the ball The way Coach Love teaches is very elegant. He works on each issue one by one and explains why they are bad and how they are affecting your game in a negative manner. If you go to gym then you will see almost every young player is using these bad techniques. So, what makes you successful in Basketball? Well, it is very important to knock down an open jumper. If you or your player is unable to knock down open jumpers then this video and tips of Coach Love will help you take your shooting skills to the next level.