Turn Your Team Into A Championship by Dave Bollwinkel Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dave Bollwinkel (Rental)-Turn Your Team Into A Championship $15.99
Sir Edmund Hillary stated, "As the challenge increases, the need to teamwork escalates." This DVD will show you how to increase your teamwork through leadership. Bollwinkel is a strong believer in the importance of developing internal leadership. This can make good teams great and create championship memories. Bollwinkel's 25-year coaching career in college has fueled his passion for developing leadership skills with all teams. Bollwinkel studied the top leaders in sport and business, and developed a system to improve internal leadership. Bollwinkel's live presentation includes stories and interactive activities that allow the audience to share their "Five Characteristics of Championship Teams." These are: Shared vision, Empathy, Synergy and Trust, as well as Enjoyment. The importance of having teammates who take ownership, develop "self-authorized leaders" as well as "accountable followers" is stressed. This DVD can help you transform your team into a Champion Team, regardless of what sport or business it is. 40 minutes. 2007.