Transition Offense Into the 5 Out Motion Offense by Darren Devries Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Darren Devries (Rental)-Transition Offense Into the 5 Out Motion Offense $18.99
Transition Offense Into the 5-Out Motion Offense After 17 seasons as a Creighton assistant, Darian DeVries has turned Drake University into a Missouri Valley Conference power. His team won the 2019 conference title and he earned coach of the year honors. In this video, Coach DeVries opens up a practice so that you can see how his teams run fast-paced transition basketball. He goes through a number of drills that will help your players’ games and help you improve your transition game. Offensive Fundamentals & Drills In order to be effective in running a fast-paced transition offense, players need to be drilled in certain aspects of the game. Here, Coach DeVries focuses on basic elements like the drive-and-kick and a number of actions off of the pick-and-roll. The focus then goes to footwork and shooting drills before applying the different actions in a competitive 5-on-5 situation. Using your offense and actions that have been practiced, teams get 12 possessions each in 5-on-5. The session emphasizes execution in the half-court while working on the components of your own offense. Transition Offense & Game Film The next segment of the practice focuses on transition. Again, DeVries puts players in a 5-on-5 situation. You will see the points of emphasis that helped make Drake one of the more successful up-tempo teams in the Missouri Valley in each of the past two seasons. DeVries preaches attention to detail whether it’s cutting, footwork, or post-ups. You will see how he and his staff get a ton of drill work done in two one-hour practice sessions. The final part of the video is dedicated to game film where Coach DeVries reviews the various actions and how they work in a game. You will see how aggressively advancing the ball up the floor creates space for 1-on-1 drives as well as how the drive-and-kick drills translate into open 3-point looks. This outstanding video offers you an inside look at how Coach DeVries achieved immediate success at Drake and how you may be able to do the same. Rent this Transition Offense Video today.