The Argentina Flex Offense by Daniel Allende Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Daniel Allende (Rental)-The Argentina Flex Offense $15.99
Daniel Allende: Offense the Argentinian Way If you have an undersized or less athletic team, there are ways to turn that team into a force on the offensive end. Daniel Allende, head coach of Argentina’s Club Olimpo, has done it and he shows you how to do the same in this video. The head coach of the two-time National League champion, Allende uses the Argentinian offense, which is based upon movement and quickness. Using the Flex offense, Allende has evened the playing floor when facing opponents that are bigger and more athletic. Coach Allende begins with the basic fundamentals of basketball teaching players how to pass, when to dribble, and how to shoot in a half-court setting. Allende shows players the importance of spacing, balance, and timing which are the most important aspects of any half-court offense. With the basics learned, Coach Allende begins to work the Flex offense starting with the basic concepts and building to the more complex actions in the Flex, ball screen offense, and high-low entries. Using 3-on-0, 4-on-0, and 5-on-0 drills, Allende shows players the basic pass and cut and replace strategies of the Flex offense. The drills help players understand the proper movements and spacing. Coach Allende shows you how various actions flow into the Flex offense. He breaks down the actions into segments allowing players to practice their movements in each segment. This helps players to master the art of playing in the Flex offense and have a counter for every defensive action one might face. Using 5-on-5 on-court demonstrations, Coach Allende shows you how the ball is entered into the post. He also shows you how to run the continuous Flex to wear down opponents and how to use the UCLA cut to get into the Flex. Want to get the ball to your best shooter or post player? Coach Allende covers that as well and even details how to incorporate the fast break action that leads into the Flex offense. This 75-minute video can help put points on the board despite having a less talented or small team. Learn how to incorporate the Flex offense and score more today!