Multiple Set Offense With Multi-scoring Options by Dan Monson Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dan Monson (Rental)- Multiple Set Offense With Multi-scoring Options $18.99
Dan Monson: Multiple Set Offense with Multi-Scoring Options In today’s game, the 3-point shot is taking over. Long Beach State head coach Dan Monson has revolutionized his offense with an up-tempo system that generates 3-point attempts. Using this philosophy, Monson had a stretch of three straight Big West Conference regular season championships in which he earned the conference’s Coach of the Year award. In this video, Monson shares his ideas of how to generate more 3-point shots in the offense. He details his philosophy including transition, the secondary break, and how set plays can become transition plays resulting in a fast break 3-point attempt. 3-Point Philosophy and Fundamentals Monson reveals his philosophy of being a 3-point shooting team. He also explains that if you commit to shooting more 3s you have to emphasize it in practice. Coach Monson shows you how to plan practices to incorporate more shooting. He reviews the importance of good footwork as well as passing. Monson shows you a simple drill that will help your players become better at shot preparation. The Flow Game To Monson, the Flow Game is the secondary break. In this segment, Coach Monson breaks down eight different options that can be run in transition. He shows you the responsibilities of each position in this early ball screen offense. All the options create pick and roll opportunities from various spots on the floor. Coach Monson teaches you how to take advantage of defenses using these options. Fly Sets and Transition to Fly Coach Monson then shows you five quick hitting plays from his Fly Series. These plays can be used in a half-court setting or run from the fast break. Iowa: Find an open shooter in the corner with the “Hammer” action. Pop: Using an unusual alignment and tons of movement, this play confuses defenses and creates multiple shot opportunities. Wide & Flat: Open up the court for the point guard with two plays that synchronize screens for your best shooters. Spartan: Follow up your double drag pick and roll with additional screens to create an open shot. Coach Monson also gives you his favorite zone beater, “Slash.” The play uses quick ball movement and dribble penetration to occupy defenders and leave a shooter open for a 3-point attempt. If you are looking to generate more 3-point opportunities, Coach Monson’s 48-minute video is the perfect place to start.
Complimenting Zone Defense With Man To Man Principles by Dan Monson Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dan Monson (Rental)-Complimenting Zone Defense With Man To Man Principles $15.99
Jud Heathcote's 1979 Michigan State championship team is where Coach Monson learned how to incorporate man-to-man tactics into zone defense. Monson shows seven unaffected man-to-man defense techniques that can be used to create a winning team. Monson adds a creative twist to his defense teaching by having players connect by ropes and forcing them all to work together as one unit. Monson, a strong believer in defensive transformation, explains the importance of setting your defense and getting back to it within the first five seconds of each defensive possession. Monson shares several drills that can be used to teach your team the skill of stopping easy baskets. Monson also shares some drills that can be used on the floor to teach your team how to stop easy baskets. This DVD is perfect for those who like both zone and man-to-man defenses. It will help you save time, reduce your drill list, and make your team more consistent at the defensive end. 70 minutes, 2008.