Doubling the Post, Protecting the Rim, & Pressure Defense by Craig Doty Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Craig Doty (Rental)-Doubling the Post, Protecting the Rim, & Pressure Defense $18.99
Doubling the Post, Protecting the Rim & Pressure Defense Emporia State head coach Craig Doty has established a culture of pressure defense everywhere he has coached and, as a result, has experienced great success. Doty won three national championships at the JUCO and NAIA levels in a span of five years. In this video, he shares the drills he uses to build his team defense and how he defends against opposing post threats. Basketball Defense Drills Coach Doty, the 2018 NAIA Division I Coach of the Year after winning a national title at Graceland University (IA), begins with an explanation of some of his program’s everyday drills. The 1-on-1 closeout works on contesting an opponent’s best shooter and making him or her put the ball on the floor. Advancing from 1-on-1 closeouts, Coach Doty gets into denial defense and forcing opponents to go into the deep corner. Doty’s defense forces teams away from the basket, one of the keys to the defense. Transition Defense Drills Transition defense begins with a 1-on-1 drill in the full-court. Players learn to use their hands and how to stop the ball in transition. The drill then moves to 1-on-2 so players understand how the quality of defense improves when players hustle back in transition. Finally, in 3-on-3 Transition, players learn to sit in gaps and force the ball out of the middle of the floor. Players focus on forcing bad shots, getting deflections, and forcing turnovers. Post to Post Drills Coach Doty teaches post defense starting with a 2-on-2 Post-to-Post drill. Players work on proper footwork and positioning, fronting the post, and moving from help side defense to a double team. The doubling the post drill progresses to an eventual 5-on-5 where all players learn to rotate and defend the post. The Verticality Drill teaches players to maintain their position and time their verticality in an effort to avoid fouls. Athletes learn when to jump and when to hold still and avoid a foul. Building Culture Coach Doty has experienced success at every stop during his career. He offers some insight as to how he builds the culture in his program. Teaching players about success in life and how to communicate are integral to Doty’s teams’ success as is allowing his assistant coaches to have a voice. This is an outstanding video for coaches looking to take a program to the next level. It is packed full of drills that will help improve your defense, especially in the post. Rent this Doubling the Post Defense DVD today.
Ghost Screens, Deadly Isolation Plays, & Switching on Screens by Craig Doty Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Craig Doty (Rental)-Ghost Screens, Deadly Isolation Plays, & Switching on Screens $18.99
In today's highly competitive basketball game, every small advantage can make a significant difference in the outcome of a game. In this comprehensive video, coach Craig Doty demonstrates how utilizing screening concepts, identifying the strengths of your best players, and knowing when to switch screens are key to becoming a successful, National Championship-winning coach. With on-the-court demonstrations and in-depth breakdowns, Coach Doty provides an in-depth look at how to take advantage of every opportunity. Ghost Screens Ball screens are becoming a staple in today's game, and most opponents are well-versed in defending them. Coach Doty shows viewers how to use a Ghost Screen to keep opponents guessing and on their toes. By demonstrating proper technique for setting a Ghost Screen, such as sprinting towards the ball and making solid plants, Doty shows how to create easy layup opportunities or wide-open shots for your players. Using a 1-on-0 drill and 3-on-3 continuous pressure in the half-court, Doty teaches the proper technique for setting a Ghost Screen, and how to reinforce offensive options using game film from previous seasons. Isolation Plays Consistently successful teams know how to take advantage of mismatches. Coach Doty demonstrates several simple actions coaches can use to create mismatches in the post or by having a guard catch the ball at the high post. By showing effective techniques for teaching players how to read the defender and make the right pass, Doty helps viewers understand how to effectively attack double-teams and create wide-open 3-point shots. With on-court demonstrations and game film examples, Doty provides a detailed understanding of how to effectively create mismatches. Switching On Everything To round out this informative video, Coach Doty demonstrates his highly successful 'switching on everything' defensive philosophy. By using a 'switching-on-everything' mentality, Doty's defenders are able to pressure opponents on the catch and force them to always play under pressure. Using 3-on-3 half-court situations, viewers gain an understanding of how Doty teaches defensive switching and emphasizes the importance of communication on every switch. Game film examples demonstrate how his teams have effectively used this system. Overall, this video is a must-have for any basketball coaching collection. Coach Doty clearly explains all the key concepts and techniques in an easy-to-understand manner, making it an invaluable resource for any coach.
Winning Championships Through Offensive Concepts & Sets by Craig Doty Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Craig Doty (Rental)-Winning Championships Through Offensive Concepts & Sets $18.99
Basketball Offensive Concepts and Sets Emporia State head coach Craig Doty has had success at multiple levels of college basketball. With an offensive style that runs on multiple sets, Doty’s teams create numerous high percentage shots. He shows you exactly how he does it in this video. You will see how he installs, practices, and implements the offense against a defense. In addition, he gives some ideas on how to use assistant coaches and team managers throughout a season. Basketball Offensive Approach Coach Doty begins with his philosophy. With the offense, he wants his teams to use 75 percent offensive sets and 25 percent creativity. Doty believes allowing his players some freedom creates energy and enthusiasm within the offense. Doing this consistently allows them to get better. Basketball Sets and Options Next, Coach Doty shows you some of his favorite sets and some options out of each. Some of what you will see includes: Horns looks Flex action and down screens Flare screens Ball screens Post ups You’ll watch as Evan Lavery, one of Doty’s assistants runs through a set of player development drills. The drills are all customized to fit the offensive sets shown previously. Incorporating Assistants and Managers Because of his work in small colleges, Doty has learned to use all the resources at his disposal. This includes assistant coaches and team managers. He talks about using the strengths of your assistants and letting them use those strengths during practices. The same is true for managers. This is an outstanding video for coaches looking to add a few new offensive sets to their playbook. You’ll see proven plays that Coach Doty has used at various levels of college basketball. His insight into using resources will prove invaluable for coaches at lower levels. Rent this basketball offensive concepts DVD today.