Ball-Hawking, No Middle, Man to Man Defense Action Plan by Corey Williams Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Corey Williams (Rental)-Ball-Hawking, No Middle, Man to Man Defense Action Plan $18.99
Corey Williams, a former NBA player, knows the value of building a strong defensive team from his experience playing on the 1993 NBA Champion Chicago Bulls alongside Michael Jordan, Scottie Pipen and under the guidance of coach Phil Jackson. In this video presentation, Williams shares his philosophy and teaches viewers how to instill defensive toughness and limit opponents' scoring options. Williams emphasizes the importance of effort, energy, and passion in playing defense. His goal is to frustrate opponents by not allowing them to have easy access to the middle of the court. By forcing the ball towards the sidelines, Williams limits the opponent's ability to reverse the ball and beat the backside of the defense on rotations. He also teaches the importance of active hands and making ball handlers feel uncomfortable, which ultimately forces them to play according to the team's style of basketball. The video includes drills and progressions to teach viewers how to build defensive pressure, maintain active hands, and communicate effectively on defense. Williams also demonstrates how to use 2-on-2, 3-on-3, 4-on-5 drills to teach players how to come together during dribble-handoff situations, scramble out of a skipped pass, and rotate on a baseline drive. He also includes individual build-up drills such as the Pat Beverly Drill, the Name Drill, and the Block-Out Drill to help players learn terminology, rotations and force players out of the middle. Overall, Williams' video is an excellent resource for coaches and players looking to improve their team's defense. It provides clear and detailed instructions on how to keep opponents out of the middle of the floor and smother their offense along the sideline.