Chris Jans (Rental)-Denial & Pack Line to Build a Hybrid Defense $18.99
A defensive system to force your opponents to adapt to your aggressive, fast-paced style of play. Find a hybrid defense that combines denial and pack line principles You can see the positioning and rotations of the ball screen, post-player and half court defense defense. Use the shell drill to practice defensive concepts every day Chris Jans is well-known for his great defense and tough team play. Here's a look at his defense playbook. This video will give you an overview of Jans defense, defensive rotations and positioning, as well as a demonstration of various traps. It also includes a glimpse at the Shell Drill, which reinforces all defense concepts. Defensive Overview Coach Jans begins the presentation by explaining the evolution of his defensive philosophy as well as how he created this hybrid pack/denial defense. He discusses all aspects of the court, as well as how he has combined different principles to create his defense style, including how to defend the post and weak side positioning. We share coaching cues and nuggets on how to guard the ball, and how to get your players to see where their gaps are in relation to the ball. Jans shares how he keeps track of things during practice so that his players do what the coaches want. Every practice is recorded on a yellow sheet that tracks defensive principles and gives players a rating on their performance. Defensive Rotations & Shell Drill Next Coach Jans will demonstrate different rotations within defense and the scramble scenarios that may occur. You will see how to handle middle drives into gaps, and what the rotations are with an empty post or an occupied post for baseline drives. It is shown how to use the Shell drill to get players moving and scrambling and working on all aspects of defense. Jans explains how to trap the post and how to rotate out of the traps. The traps can be seen coming from different areas of the court. You can even learn how to trap based upon personnel. Coach Jans explains the traps and shows how to include them in the Shell Drill. Q&A Coach Jans ends the video by inviting questions from the audience. He also demonstrates how to trap around the perimeter and when to use it during a game. Jans also shows a final drill that involves closing out, jumping up to the ball and contesting backdoor cut. This video is great for anyone who wants to improve their defensive strategy and give their team an edge to win. 71 minutes. 2022.