Bryan Collins (Rental)-Defending The Wing-t With The 4-4 Dvd $16.99
Features & Benefits Get better at Football coaching Bryan Collins - Learn from Bryan! Your team can reach new heights! To be the best, learn from the best. Bryan Collins C.W. C.W. Bryan Collins teaches and shows the many benefits of the 4-4 defense against the Wing-T Offense. Collins details each position and their responsibility along with all possible scenarios vs. Wing-T. Coach Collins shares his secrets to stopping Wing-T using his 4-4 defense. He uses his "Chalk It. Walk It. and Talk It." philosophy. Coach Collins demonstrates how to defend the Wing-T offense with his "Hawk Formation", 8 Men In The Box, and "Cover 8" defense systems. This video provides everything you need and want to defeat the Wing-T Offense. It includes extensive game footage and detailed marker board diagrams. Coach Collins shows you how to run the 4-4 defense against the Wing-T. You will also learn great strategies to use the 4-4 defense against the Wing-T. This book is an excellent complement to Coach Collins' Basics for the 4-4. 76 minutes. 2004.