Building A Rebounding & Defensive Mindset by Brian Wardle Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Building a Rebounding and Defensive Mindset In order to build a defensive mindset, teams have to practice it. Bradley head coach Brian Wardle, who led the Braves to the 2019 Missouri Valley Tournament Conference tournament championship, does just that. He also builds a tough rebounding mindset and shows you how he does it in this video. Each day in practice, Coach Wardle stresses three things: transition defense, individual and team defense, and rebounding. You will see exactly how he accomplishes his goals with the variety of drills that he uses. 5-on-0 Transition Coach Wardle uses the 5-on-0 transition drill with a focus on rebounding and defense. Players crash the boards on offense and also have players that begin to transition and become safeties to prevent easy baskets. Players must immediately think about their block out responsibilities too. This creates and builds that defensive/rebounding mentality. 1-on-1 Play to Build a Defensive Mindset The defensive mindset is built starting with the standard 1-on-1 play. Teams play to a certain number of points, but points are awarded based upon the number of stops a team makes. You win by keeping your opponent in front of you. The drill progresses to 2-on-2 and the same point system is in play. One of the unique things Wardle does is have his assistants track the number of “blow bys” each practice. Wardle then knows which players are getting beat consistently and which players are making stops. This helps in deciding playing time. Numbered Rebounding and Rebound League All of Coach Wardle’s drills are made to be as game-like as possible. Numbers Rebounding is a great drill that forces players to act quickly and block out their opponent. Coach Wardle reviews the keys to blocking out and identifies a “hit or be hit” mentality when rebounding. If you want to be a successful rebounding team, your players are going to have to be physical. Rebounding League is another of Coach Wardle’s favorite drills to build team defense. The drill teaches individual defensive concepts and emphasizes the importance of rebounding. Most of Coach Wardle’s drills are built into Rebounding League and players fight to earn the weekly rebounding title. Coach Wardle’s drills will bring out the rebounder in your players. The ability to develop a defensive and rebounding mindset will help your team become the force that it should be and a team that opponents will not want to play. Rent this defensive mindset DVD today.