Basketball Strength Training: Progressions & Regressions by Brian Bingaman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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BASKETBALL STRENGTH TRAINING: PROGRESSIONS & REGRESSIONS Brian Bingaman profile Brian Bingaman is currently the director of Strength & Conditioning at the St Joseph’s University. He was named a Master coach of Strength and Conditioning by the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCA), is a Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified, and is also a level 1 Club Coach at the United States Weightlifting What you stand to benefit from this course With this basketball strength training course, you will get to see essential exercises that can help in building the level of strength that you need to be a more effective basketball player. You will get to see techniques which do not involve the use of any equipment to techniques that involve the use of weights or other kinds of equipment based on what you have at your disposal. You will also get to see how you can tailor your workouts to match the time of the season that you are in, for advanced players, for injured players, etc. You will be taught how to build strength in your shoulders by making use of progressive overhead press routines. Overview of the Basketball Strength Training Video In all sports programs, one very important aspect is strength and conditioning. One of the most significant reasons for you to engage in a strength & conditioning program is to prevent the occurrence of injuries. This is so because engaging in certain sports activities and playing week in week out puts you at the risk of getting injured. In this course, watch as the expert Brian Bingaman explains how he makes use of exercise progressions & regressions for weight training with the basketball team at St. Joseph to teach the players on new patterns of movement, the cleanup technique, and to prevent injuries or offer remediation. As you make ground-up movement, Bingaman will lead you through development progression in every session and teach you a lot of critical cues. You will discover how to lay a solid foundation for your program by learning how to develop a program for weight training. Bingaman’s focus on athlete development and that is where the philosophy of progression and regression really come into action. The program recognizes that all players are individuals who are different from each other. Therefore, it takes an individualized approach with regards to strength work and still lets you keep a team atmosphere and work with a large number of athletes. Brian Bingham offers you a variety of strength exercises along with great ideas that you can add to your program already. Some exercises that you will be exposed to include- Double Leg Exercises Using double leg progression, Brian Bingaman shows you the progressive lifts that are used in helping athletes to master the movement pattern called the “bilateral squat.” This movement pattern starts with a PVC-overhead squat for the enhancement of athletes’ flexibility and mobility. Brian Bingaman then moves on to the improvement of posture and the enhancement of core support using a med ball and also gobble squats. He then progresses on to demonstrating weighted front squats and weighted back squats.   Single Leg Exercises For the single leg aspect, Brian Bingaman demonstrates progressions by using a split squat for body weight. He makes use of the lift to show vital body positions which are very important in the development of balance and posture. With improvements in the athletes, Bingaman takes them through reverse lunges and also front lunges, and he gets to introduce dumbbells as soon as the athletes can control the weight of their body effectively. A Bulgarian split squat is expertly broken down by Bingaman and happens to an effective tool.  Rent this basketball strength training DVD today.
Total Body Strength Training For Basketball by Brian Bingaman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Brian Bingaman (Rental)-Total Body Strength Training For Basketball $18.99
Total Body Strength Training for Basketball A first-class strength and conditioning program can make all the difference in a successful basketball program. Understanding how to put together such a program can be a chore, but St. Joseph’s University Director of Strength and Conditioning Brian Bingaman shows you how to maximize the speed and power of your athletes in the weight room. Bingaman is a certified strength and conditioning coach and is recognized as a Level 1 Club Coach by United States Weightlifting. Coach Bingaman takes you through a standard weight training day in the St. Joe’s basketball program. He combines compound lifts with other exercises to maximize the time in the weight room and train a variety of skills in a short amount of time. Plyometric Drills Balance stability and quickness are two key skills that can help a player improve his or her performance on the floor. Coach Bingaman uses a variety of plyometric drills were players go through a series of box jumps and hurdle hops. Players learn to explode upward into a jump and land softly in preparation for another jump. The drills are done with one leg and two legs to build coordination. The drills are also done forward and laterally and Bingaman teaches athletes to be “quick off the ground.” Olympic Lifts For building explosive power, nothing beats Olympic lifts like the clean and the snatch. You will see Bingaman take athletes through a series of clean pulls and hang cleans. Here, he teaches the idea of triple extension and quick, explosive movements. These Olympic lifts are combined with mobility-based exercises to promote core development, flexibility, and injury prevention.  Olympic lifts are great for strength training for basketball. Compound Lifts Coach Bingaman shows a series of lifts for the upper and lower body designed to build strength and power. He emphasizes various squat variations as these lifts can be difficult for taller athletes. Coach Bingaman also addresses the issue of safety when squatting and points taller athletes to using the leg press and other alternatives to the squat. Squats are great and are used in Bingaman’s program, but using these types of machines can help to reduce spinal loading. Taller athletes can then lift heavy with much less risk. In 64 minutes, Coach Bingaman gives you all you need to develop a top-notch strength program. Rent this strength training for basketball DVD today.