Maximizing The Shell Drill For Defensive Success by Bob Starkey Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Starkey (Rental)-Maximizing The Shell Drill For Defensive Success $17.99
Maximizing the Shell Drill for Defensive Success Legendary assistant basketball coach Bob Starkey teaches you how to maximize the Shell Drill to improve your overall team defense. Coach Starkey helped lead the LSU women’s basketball program to back-to-back appearances in the Final Four while serving as the interim head coach. Currently an assistant at Texas A&M, Coach Starkey presents to you six different variations of the Shell Drill and will help you mold the drill to fit your program. Using on-court demonstrations, Coach Starkey reveals how the Shell Drill can be used to teach your defensive basics. Coach will show you how to teach your players to adjust defensively according to offensive tendencies. Your opponent’s tendencies can then be incorporated into the Shell Drill to help your players defend against certain offensive movements and actions. Successful defenses – Starkey has coached several – understand the importance of communication. Starkey shows you how to get your players to think and communicate in an effort to take away what opponents do best. Coach Starkey will demonstrate for you six different types of the Shell Drill: Pitch & Penetrate Add Cutters Add Post Player Add Two Posts 6-on-4 Baseline Rotation 5-on-4 Open Post Low The disadvantage situations – 6-on-4 and 5-on-4 – as well as the even strength drills will help your team defense accomplish its goals daily. These drills force players to communicate and give maximum effort to get defensive stops. No matter which variation of the Shell Drill, all of them incorporate all the offensive actions that opponents will use against you. The result is a highly effective and efficient defense that can make defensive stops at any time. This 38-minute video is a must-see for those that utilize the Shell Drill or for anyone looking to improve on defense. Coach Starkey’s versions of the Shell Drill also allow for your teams to work on their offense simultaneously.
Post Player Development Dominate in the Paint by Bob Starkey Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Starkey (Rental)-Post Player Development Dominate in the Paint $18.99
Post Player Development – Dominate in the Paint One of the best kept secrets in college basketball is Texas A&M women’s assistant coach Bob Starkey. Coach Starkey has been a part of over 700 career wins in his 34 years of college coaching. He is best known for his ability to teach and develop low post players. While serving as an assistant to the LSU men’s basketball team, Coach Starkey mentored Shaquille O’Neal, a two-time NBA Finals MVP. In this post player development video, Coach Starkey breaks down how to develop the low post game. You will get decades of knowledge that will help you teach players the nuances of playing on the low block. In addition to ideas on maintaining seals, moves to get open, and more; Coach Starkey presents 12 drills that are used currently by Texas A&M women’s team to help them dominate the paint. Fundamentals of Post Play Coach Starkey’s presentation begins with the fundamentals of post play beginning with how to catch the ball inside the post box. From getting into an athletic stance to four different ways to beat defenses trying to deny the post, Starkey helps you learn how to teach post players to create space and score more easily. Big Man Ball Handling An often overlooked facet of post player’s game is ball handling. Coach Starkey takes his players through a series of six drills all designed to improve dribbling, catching, and passing. Post players that can perform these fundamentals with ease are big men who do not turn the ball over and score more often. You will see a few Two-Ball Handling drills that help to maximize your practice efficiency by improving both hands at once. One-Handers is a drill to help post players develop soft hands when calling for the ball in the post. Scoring Moves Less is more in Coach Starkey’s philosophy related to scoring moves. Starkey believes you can maximize a post player’s scoring efficiency by having the player focus on a minimum number of scoring moves. Coach will show you the three primary moves he likes and how to teach them. He will also show you when a post should and should not dribble and you will view the toughest version of the Mikan Drill that you have ever seen. At 64 minutes, this post player development video is so full of information by one of college basketball’s most experienced assistants that you will want to go back and replay it again and again! Rent this Post Player Development DVD today.