(Rental)-Defending The Option With The 3-5-3 Defending The Option With The 3-5-3 by Bert Williams Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bert Williams (Rental)-Defending The Option With The 3-5-3 $16.99
Features & Benefits Your opponent's option game will come to an abrupt halt These are simple rules that you can use to defend your 3-5-3 defense This defense will be a hit with you and your players. Bert Williams Georgia Military College Head Coach It is difficult to defend the option effectively in football. Bert Williams, a football DVD producer, will demonstrate how to use the 3-5-3 defense. Coach Williams outlines the different fronts, stunts and blitzes that you can use to position your defenders to shut down multiple options looks using consistent, easy rules. Georgia Military achieved a new national junior college record of allowing 67.6 yards per game using this defense. This DVD of football is a wonderful complement to Bert William's Basics for the 3-5-3. 50 minutes. 2004.