All Access: Andy Toole by Andy Toole Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Watch 3 Andy Toole basketball practices on this video. Robert Morris head coach Andy Toole welcomes you into his gym to take an all-access, inside look into what three days of basketball practice with his team looks like. You will see his intense, no-nonsense approach to pushing his players to get the most out of them. Toole keeps each practice fresh by presenting new challenges for his players to try and complete each day. Toole is unique in how he uses statistics during practice. Almost every drill, and certainly every day, Toole will use some sort of statistical analysis to track improvement. He is a very spirited, enthusiastic coach and his practices are great translations of his energy. Basketball Practice 1 w/ Andy Toole Coach Toole opens up the first basketball practice by establishing his defensive philosophy and the drills used to reinforce it. The teams basic principle is to be intense and to make the offensive players uncomfortable. Coach Toole uses a series of defensive breakdown drills to teach the proper technique for every position. He breaks his team into multiple squads in order to maximize the number of reps they can get for each breakdown drill. He also works on offense. He demonstrates a bread and butter drill for the program called the "Daily Dozen." It is a lay up drill that emphasizes footwork, finishing, and decision making. he also uses the lay-ups to teach spacing, kickouts, and cutting. Weather it is offense or defense, Toole really emphasizes how beneficial quick, correct decision making can be for the team. Basketball Practice 2 at Robert Morris Coach Toole spends a large chunk of this basketball practice on the offensive side of the ball. He is working on teaching basics of his offense to his team including automatic two man action, fundamental skills, and conditioning. He uses both 5-on-5 and 5-on-0 competition drills to teach the basic sets and actions his team will use on offense. Coach Toole demonstrates a really cool way for you to track and enhance the competition taking place during practice. Every drill has a pre-determined point value associated with it. The coaching staff tracks which teams and players have the most points over the course of the day and season. This enhances each players competitive spirit during the drill which could lead to drastic improvements over the course of the season. This practice also shows a great build-up. He starts with the teams line-series using a 5-on-0 multiple possession drill. Once the players have met expectations, he teaches them how to beat defensive pressure by cutting hard, re-screening, looking for the post, and taking care of the ball. Basketball Practice 3 Practice three is more of a "gut check" than the other two days. Coach Toole presents a handful of challenges to the players to try and see who is willing to step up to meet the expectations. He does still do some teaching and drill work. He does some more defensive work using stations to challenge the defense against difference offensive actions. He also teaches his post players how to carve out space in preparation for a drive to the hoop and how to position their body to get ready for a pass. He also shows how to used a controlled 5-on-5 scrimmage in order to work on specific offensive goals. Get a first hand look into how an intense, college practice is run and bring some of those same drills and techniques into your own gym by renting this DVD today. Rent this basketball practice DVD today.
High Energy Drils For Building Competitive Practices by Andy Toole Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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High Energy Drills for Building Competitive Practices Andy Toole has built the Robert Morris University program by preaching competition. His teams won the NEC regular season title in 2013 and ’14 and continue to challenge for conference honors. The big reason for the turnaround is Toole’s commitment to making practices competitive. In this video, you will see Coach Toole go on the court to demonstrate 11 creative, intense, and highly competitive drills that lead to more productive practices. Some of the drills you will see include the following: 4-on-3 Passing Drill: Offensive players learn to use ball fakes and learn how to look off the defense when making passes. Defenders learn to use active hands and force the offense to make mistakes. Harcum 2-on-1 Drill: This is a unique half-court transition drill that teaches quick outlet passes, sprinting in transition, and the idea that a player’s job is never done. This is the perfect drill for lower level teams where coaches have large numbers of players. Roanoke 1-on-1 Defensive Drill: This is an all-purpose drill that emphasizes many of the basic defensive fundamentals. Players must closeout, guard cutters, front post players, help and recover, control dribblers, and finish with rebounds. 4-on-2 Rebounding Drill: Players are forced into a disadvantage situation making them uncomfortable, but they must come up with the initial rebound in a possession. Coach Toole puts it all together in a unique twist on the traditional shell drill. You’ll see situations where the defense is beaten and must help. Toole believes the help is an important part of the shell drill. Coach Toole’s drills will help your team compete harder and transition from possession to possession much faster. Players and coaches will both enjoy the creativity and intensity of Coach Toole’s drills which simulate game-like conditions.
Individual & Team Shooting Drills by Andy Toole Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Andy Toole: Individual and Team Shooting Drills Robert Morris head coach Andy Toole expands your shooting drill library with this presentation designed to increase your team’s shooting ability. The 2014 NEC Coach of the Year breaks down his shooting drills into those for pre-practice, practice, and team drills during practice. Coach Toole helps players identify a good shot, which is a key in developing better basketball players. Pre-Practice Drills Players learn the concept of a good shot in a series of three pre-practice shooting drills. The drills train a player to be ready to shoot at all times. One of the most difficult things for players is to be prepared to shoot when open. Toole addresses that by emphasizing footwork and catching form so that players are ready to shoot when open. Attacking the Pass is a drill that puts footwork and catching form against a defensive closeout. A better catch beats the closeout. This drill helps players develop a consistent shot that will be successful at a high percentage. Toole builds on that footwork in the Nine Shot drill where players learn to shoot off of screens. Sweeps is another drill series that produces high percentage shots. Practice & Team Drills Coach Toole works on a critical area of shooting – penetration shots. He breaks down penetration and how it is used to create shots. The Lafayette Shooting drill works on shooting off the pass as well as how to setup screens and passes in an attempt to create a good shot. Team shooting drills are also included. Coach Toole demonstrates drills that can be tailored to any offensive system. The drills are simple, easily adaptable, and help create some consistency in taking game-like shots. Coach Toole ends his presentation with three of his favorite end-of-practice drills: CBA Shooting, 22 Threes, and Butler Shooting. All three are full-court drills and focus on shots in transition and in the half-court. This is an excellent collection of drills to help any team develop consistency in their shooting. Coach Toole gives you the tools to develop any player or team into quality shot takers and shot makers. Rent this team shooting drills DVD today.
Shooting & Transition Drills by Andy Toole Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Robert Morris University head coach Andy Toole shows you how to emphasize shooting and transition in practice so you can play fast and score a ton of points on game night. Toole is a two-time NEC champion (2015, 2020) and a former NEC (2014) Coach of the Year. In this video, Toole takes you inside an RMU practice where there is heavy emphasis on skill development through competition. That competition has turned Robert Morris into a championship caliber program. Warm Up The practice begins with “Ohio State Layups,” a drill that is used to create energy and prepare for an up-tempo practice. Toole emphasizes that players’ feet are always moving as they make passes and that the passes lead their teammates. Never throw behind a player. The practice then moves into “10 In A Row” where players drive to the basket and must convert 10 straight layups. This time, they drive against a chasing manager and two coaches with blocking pads. Both sides must make 10 in a row to complete the drill. Defensive Drills Toole’s practice isn’t just about offense. He gets into several defensive drills as well. They include: Perfect Closeouts: variation of the Shell Drill where there is an emphasis on closing out 3-Minute Ball Screen: a post sets a ball screen to start the drill and continues to keep possession until stopped by the defense Disadvantage Transition: teaches proper transition defense Shooting Drills Toole develops shooting skills with a series of drills designed to improve perimeter shooting. “4 Minute Threes” is a drill where players shoot from four different spots on the floor for four minutes. Shooting lines change each minute. Getting the hands ready is emphasized here. “Dotted Shooting” helps players score off the drive and “CBS Shooting” is a three-man weave where the third player must score on a layup. Coach Toole finally puts everything together in a series of scrimmage drills like “Bucks” which trains matching up in transition defense and “Make It Take It” which teaches offense and defense in a half-court setting. Any of Coach Toole’s drills can help the energy level and competitiveness of your practices.