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Ganon Baker's Proven Basketball Shooting Workout & Drills To Score More Points In Games...In As Little as 15 Minutes a Day

Basketball Shooting Drills to Make More Shots in Games

Ganon Baker's Basketball Shooting Drills cover the mechanics of shooting the basketball and much more. If you use good form shooting will be easier and you won't have to shoot as many shots. Ganon covers where to hold the basketball, where to look when shooting the ball, how to position your body and proper release and follow through.

This video full of basketball shooting drills will show you how to really practice your shooting so that it transfers to games. Most players just go out and go half speed, shoot a few shots, and think they are working out. Take the drills from this video and in just an hour a day, you will have a tremendous shooting workout that will actually make you better in games.

Ganon's Prep Basketball Shooting Drills shows you how to break down your shot to develop perfect form. With Ganon's unique basketball shooting drills, he'll teach you how to properly warm up and work on your shooting form. Many of these drills can even be done without a basketball hoop so you can work on your shooting form when all you have is a basketball!

As a Prep you need to start working on shooting off the dribble. You can't just be a stationary jump shooter. To play at higher levels, you'll need to be able to come off screens and shoot, and shoot off the dribble. Ganon covers the Mid-Range game and how to score when the defense closes out on you and when you can't get to the hoop.

Basketball Shooting Drills to Do By Yourself

Now you've learned how to shoot correctly now what? This is where this video stands out from the hundreds of other shooting videos out there. Not only do you learn to shoot correctly, but Ganon will show you how to practice your shooting so you can apply what you've learned into a game situation. You'll be able to make shots in games. Most videos out there will only talk about form and how to shoot. You need to know how to practice so that you can make shots in games where it really counts!

Not only is it important to learn how to shoot but you must also learn how to get your shot off. In the Triple Threat sections of the video Ganon will show you how to read defenders and create space so you can separate vs. taller, longer, and athletic players.

As the #1 Basketball Skills Trainer in the World, Ganon has spent time with many NBA players and Pros all over the world so he knows how the Pros practice.

How to Practice Shooting the basketball by yourself
How to get open vs the defense in basketball
How to shoot off the dribble in basketball
How to use a jab dribble move in basketball
Two ball basketball shooting drills

Basketball Shooting Drills that Also Help You Get Open in Games

Even  if you already have your shot down, Ganon's basketball shooting drills will allow you to  practice your shooting by taking game shots, from game spots, at game  speed. You'll also work on your dribbling, cutting, and conditioning.  Try one of Ganon's 1 minute drills and see where you stack up.

The  Pros shooting section starts off with 4 ways to get open. Having these  4 ways to get open will make it very difficult for a lock down defender  to keep you from getting the ball.

Ganon teaches  you about Kobe Bryant's Kill Zones. Learn how Kobe uses these zones to  be the most explosive offensive player in basketball today. How does  Ganon know about the Kobe Kill Zones? He worked with Kobe at Kobe's  Skills Academy for the best high school players in the country during  the summer.

The Pros section features the Paul Pierce series. The Paul Pierce series will give you a 3 move series to create space with  counters. Ganon covers numerous ball fakes to use to create space,  dribble moves, and more. You will have enough moves from this video to  become an offensive force.

Triple Threat Basketball Shooting Drills

Ganon will teach you how to read the defense. As Ganon says, "If you  want a chance, you have to change the defender's stance." Ganon is a  passionate, fun, and extremely knowledgeable. You will not only learn  from this video but enjoy watching it as well.  Basketball Shooting Drills Order Today!

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